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Applied Social Psychology

Applied Social Psychology
Understanding and Addressing Social and Practical Problems

Second Edition
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August 2012 | 504 pages | SAGE South Asia
This textbook serves as an introduction to the field of applied social psychology, which focuses on understanding social and practical problems and on developing intervention strategies directed at the amelioration of such problems. A core feature of the book is attaining a balance among theory, research, and application. In the Second Edition, the contributing authors have updated the text with the latest research and incorporated current examples to which students can relate. 


- Three chapters comprise a new section, Part 3, which focuses on personal applications of social psychology to one’s own life. The chapters include Applying Social Psychology to Personal Relationships (Chapter 15), and Applying Social Psychology to the Classroom (Chapter 16)—both originally in one chapter (Chapter 5) of the previous edition—and a completely new chapter, Applying Social Psychology to Positive Wellbeing (Chapter 17). 
- This book introduces new research and intervention strategies relevant to the application of social psychology in different areas of life, such as the effects of embedded sexual content in the media, team goal-setting and cohesion, and the inducement of pro-environment behavior. 
- The restructured and revised Chapter 12, Applying Social Psychology to the Community, includes a new opening vignette and new Culture Capsule feature. In addition, there are new sections on the values and approaches of community psychology, sense of community, diversity versus prejudice and discrimination, and achievement of social change. 


- The book is written for students with upper-level undergraduate and lower-level graduate backgrounds. 
- The content and emphases of the book are guided by the assumption that at the core of applied social psychology is the development of intervention strategies for improving the functioning of individuals, groups, organizations, communities, and societies. Both student and instructor are encouraged to keep their attention on the promise of the field in addressing social and practical problems. 
- The book is unique among applied social psychology books in that it contains chapters that focus on personal interventions (i.e., how readers can apply social psychology to their own lives) as well as chapters that focus on structured programs. 
- Each chapter in Part 2 includes at least one "Focus on Research" section and one "Focus on Intervention" section which review research studies and social-psychologically based interventions in greater detail. 
- All chapters in Parts 2 and 3 include a "Culture Capsule" feature that illustrates how social psychological knowledge from one cultural context may not necessarily generalize to other cultural contexts. This discussion recognizes that it cannot be assumed that theoretical principles, research findings, and intervention practices that are well established in the North American context would necessarily hold true or be successful in significantly different cultures. 
- Other pedagogical features that enhance the student learning experience include chapter-opening outlines, chapter-opening vignettes, highlighted key terms, and chapter-ending summaries. 

A password-protected Instructor Teaching Site includes a test bank in Mircosoft® Word, with multiple choice questions and answers for each chapter of the book found at 
Frank Schneider, Jamie Gruman, Larry Coutts
Defining the Field of Applied Social Psychology
Greg Chung-Yan, Shelagh Towson
Social Psychological Theory
Kenneth Cramer, Louise Alexitch
Research Methods
Adam Lodzinski, Michiko Motomura, Frank Schneider
Intervention and Evaluation
Kenneth Hart, David Ledgerwood, Phillip Ianni
Applying Social Psychology to Clinical and Counseling Psychology
Philip Sullivan, Deborah Feltz, Lori Dithurbide
Applying Social Psychology to Sport Teams
David Ewoldsen, Beverly Roskos-Ewoldsen
Applying Social Psychology to the Media
Kathryn Lafreniere, Kenneth Cramer
Applying Social Psychology to Health
Louise Alexitch
Applying Social Psychology in Education
Larry Coutts, Jamie Gruman
Applying Social Psychology to Organizations
David Day, Stephanie Marion
Applying Social Psychology to the Criminal Justice System
Kathryn Lafreniere, Stewart Page, Charlene Senn
Applying Social Psychology to the Community
Robert Gifford
Applying Social Psychology to the Environment
Catherine Kwantes, Sherry Bergeron, Ritu Kaushal
Applying Social Psychology to Diversity
Ann Weber
Applying Social Psychology to Personal Relationships
Randolph Smith
Applying Social Psychology to the Classroom
Kenneth Hart, Phillip Ianni
Applying Social Psychology to Positive Well-Being: Focus on Optimism
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Frank W. Schneider

Frank W. Schneider (PhD, University of Florida) is Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University of Windsor. He is a cofounder of the doctoral program in Applied Social Psychology at the University of Windsor. He coauthored a textbook on differential psychology and has published articles related to a variety of topics, including policing, group dynamics, organizational effectiveness, evaluation research, social psychology of education, gender roles, domestic violence, helping behavior, race relations, nonverbal communication, attribution theory, and adjustment of the elderly. His current research interests are in the areas of community... More About Author

Jamie A. Gruman

Jamie A. Gruman, (PhD, University of Windsor) earned his doctorate in Applied Social Psychology with a specialization in organizational psychology. He is currently an Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, and has previously taught in both the psychology departments and business schools at the University of Toronto and the University of Windsor. An award-winning researcher, he has published articles in such journals as Basic and Applied Social Psychology, Human Resource Management, the Journal of Vocational Behavior, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Human Resource Management... More About Author

Larry M. Coutts

Larry M. Coutts (PhD, University of Windsor) is the president of L. M. Coutts & Associates, an organizational and human resource management consulting firm, and teaches part-time in the Sprott School of Business, Carleton University. Larry is a former Director of Research and Development for the human resource consulting company EPSI Inc. and a former Assistant Professor in the Applied Social Psychology division at the University of Windsor. He also has held positions with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as director of the Organizational Design and Job Evaluation Branch and as a senior research principal with both the Personnel... More About Author

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