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Applied Human Resource Management

Applied Human Resource Management
Strategic Issues and Experiential Exercises

First Edition

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Human Resource Management

November 2010 | 432 pages | SAGE South Asia
Applied Human Resource Management: Strategic Issues and Experiential Exercises gives business students in-depth, hands-on experiential learning applications to help them develop the skills they will need as human resource professionals who deal with people in diverse settings and situations. Providing maximum teaching flexibility, each chapter presents ten different issues that organizations must resolve to manage their human resources effectively. These chapters also offer four distinct types of interactive learning experiences: Strategic Issues in HRM Exercises, Applications, Experiential Exercises, and Creative Exercises.

Key Features 
- Offers four Strategic Issues in HRM exercises in each chapter that can be used for class discussions, assigned as homework problems, used as topics for group presentations, or incorporated into tests as essay questions
- Includes two Applications per chapter—brief projects that require students to apply a human resource management concept to a realistic situation—which are ideal for use as homework assignments, instructor illustrations/demonstrations, or in-class projects 
- Provides two Experiential Exercises in each chapter to provide students with hands-on learning experiences within a realistic context 
- Includes two open-ended Creative Exercises per chapter that ask students or teams to develop unique solutions to realistic problems using what they have learned 
- Provides a list of each chapter’s exercises grouped according to the Human Resource Certification Institute’s Body of Knowledge in Human Resources Management categories to help instructors plan the exercises they want to use 

Intended Audience 
This book is an ideal core or supplemental text for graduate-level courses in Human Resource Management, Advanced Human Resource Management, and Personnel Management in departments of business, management, public administration, education, and psychology.
Introduction to the Management of Human Resources
Equal Employment Opportunity
Job Analysis
Recruitment and Socialization
Performance Appraisal
Training and Developing Employees
Compensation and Benefits
Occupational Safety and Health
Employee Relations and Labor-Management Relations
Organizational Change and Development
International HRM

The book is eminently suited to serve as a text for graduates and post-graduate courses on human resource management and public administration in business schools. The book offers management students an in-depth, and hands-on experiential learning applications to help them develop the skills they will need as human resource professionals who deals with people in diverse settings and situations…[The book] is a valuable guidance to students who want to pursue a career in the field of HRM.

Management & Change

The book has been divided into very readable 12 chapters… The book provides business school students with intensive and hands-on experiential learning applications to help them develop the skills they will need as HR professionals.…In a very lucid, simple and illustrative manner....The book not only highlights the conceptual underpinning of the HR, more importantly, it provides a very pragmatic step-by-step way of executing these concepts in the organization.

Global Business Review

In-depth, hands – on experiential learning applications to help the students to develop the skills which are usually sought by companies while recruiting human resource professionals...the book is organized in a manner to give flexibility to the instructors in how they teach their students human resource management concepts... The Book has highlighted the underpinnings of HR in a very comprehensive manner and has also made it helpful for instructors to design the session plan keeping in mind teaching objectives and learning outcomes. This piece of work by York is highly recommend to be used as a core or supplemental text for postgraduate-level courses in HRM, advanced HRM and personnel management in departments of business, management, public administration, education and psychology.

South Asian Journal of Management

Kenneth M. York

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