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Applied Ethics for Program Evaluation

Applied Ethics for Program Evaluation

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242 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
From the moment evaluators begin the consultation process to the time when they respond to the last reaction to the evaluation report, ethical choices are being made. This thoughtful book explores a set of principles which can serve as foundational guidelines for making ethical decisions. Using vignettes, the authors provide ethical dilemmas and questions to stimulate thinking about the positive and negative consequences of each option. After an introduction to ethical theories and principles, a framework is proposed that can be used in weighing these options. The book concludes with suggestions for ways in which evaluators can make informed ethical decisions.
The Need for Ethics in Program Evaluation

Ethical Theories and Principles
Ethical Issues Related to Program Evaluation
Research on Practice

A Framework for Making Ethical Decisions
The Effect of Evaluator Role Perceptions on Ethical Decision Making
Context, Methodology, and Ethics
Improving the Ethical Practice of Evaluation
A Working Agenda for the Profession


Dianna L. Newman

Robert D. Brown