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Applied Cross-Cultural Psychology

Applied Cross-Cultural Psychology

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Volume: 14
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Social Psychology

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How valid are our self-perceptions in relation to other cultures? How receptive are we to the viewpoints of other cultures? In this volume, an international team of experts examines the many facets of the cross-cultural experience, including: cross-cultural testing and assessment; the psychological effects of acculturation; the role of foreign students; occupational and organizational psychology; acculturation and emotional and physical health; and cross-cultural orientation programmes.
Richard W Brislin
Applied Cross-Cultural Psychology
An Introduction

Harry C Triandis
Theoretical Concepts that are Applicable to the Analysis of Ethnocentrism
Walter J Lonner
An Overview of Cross-Cultural Testing and Assessment
Durganand Sinha
Interventions for Development Out of Poverty
Kenneth Cushner
Cross-Cultural Psychology and the Formal Classroom
Cigdem Kagitcibasi
Family and Home-Based Intervention
Uichol Kim
Indigenous Psychology
Science and Applications

R Michael Paige
International Students
Cross-Cultural Psychological Perspectives

C Harry Hui
Work Attitudes, Leadership Styles, and Managerial Behaviors in Different Cultures
Kwonk Leung and Pei-Guan Wu
Dispute Processing
A Cross-Cultural Analysis

John W Berry
Psychology of Acculturation
Understanding Individuals Moving Between Cultures

Janek Pandey
The Environment, Culture, and Behavior
Lisa Marie Ilola
Culture and Health
Juris G Draguns
Applications of Cross-Cultural Psychology in the Field of Mental Health
D P S Bhawuk
Cross-Cultural Orientation Programs

Richard W. Brislin

Richard Breslin's current research focuses on mentoring, cross-cultural training materials and the experiences of business people on overseas assignments. Brislin reviews submissions for over ten professional journals and five major textbook publishers. He develops materials for use in cross-cultural training programs and is the author of a text in cross-cultural psychology. One of his books, "The Art of Getting Things Done: A Practical Guide to the Use of Power," was a Book of the Month Club selection in 1992. His most recent publication is Intercultural Interactions: A Practical Guide," published by SAGE Publications. More About Author

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