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Applied Criminology

Applied Criminology

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224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This is the first book to cover comprehensively and accessibly the area of applied criminology. It draws together leading experts with experience of teaching, research and practice.

Each chapter engages with the application of criminology in a particular area of the community and criminal justice system, and offers:
  • An overview of the relationship between criminological theory and policy and practice developments
  • Critical reflection on whether criminology has been meaningfully engaged – paying particular attention to the contemporary issues and debates
  • Evaluation of the implications for diverse communities, paying particular attention to discrimination and oppression and criminal justice values
  • Summaries, case studies and further reading to support knowledge and understanding

The book is essential reading for all students of criminology, criminal justice, community justice, probation/offender management studies, policing, social work, and social policy. It is also indispensable for those engaged in professional training for the community and criminal justice sectors.

Applied Criminology
Applied Criminology
Criminological Policy, Practice and Research

Contested Meanings and Differential Consequences

Policing the Community in the 21st Century
Prisons and Penal Policy
Accountability, Legitimacy and Discretion
Applying Criminology in Professional Practice

Youth Justice Policy and Practice
Reclaiming Applied Criminology as Critical Intervention

Responsibility, Rights or Reconciliation?

Risk Management, Accountability and Partnerships in Criminal Justice
The Case of Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements

Restorative Justice
Theory, Policy and Practice

Corporate Crime and its Victims

'This is an impressively current and relevant introduction to criminology in its applied form by some leading experts in their fields. A fitting tribute to Brian Williams (who was concerned always about the impact of criminal justice and penal policies and practice on both victims and offenders), this book fills a significant gap in criminological literature and is destined to become a core text for students of criminology and, hopefully for policy makers and practitioners too.'

Dr. Maurice Vanstone

Reader in Criminology and Criminal Justice

Swansea University

'This is an excellent book which reflects not just the authors' impressive knowledge of theory and research but their commitment to work constructively and creatively at the interfaces between theory, research, policy and practice. Far from offering a sterile and uncritical administrative criminology, this book meets head-on Nils Christie's challenge that criminology be 'problem-raising' as well as 'problem-solving' for the state and its agencies of crime control. It deserves to be widely read by practitioners, managers, policy-makers, students and academics alike.'

Dr Fergus McNeill, Glasgow School of Social Work, Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde

This book has been added as recommended reading but also included in the general list of books which we recommend to students for use throughout their degree. There are few textbooks explictly exploring applied criminology and this has to be one of the best available.

Dr Maryse Tennant
Department of Law and Criminal Justice, Canterbury Christ Church University
February 26, 2014

This test has now been added to my students recommended reading list. A text which will follow them throughout their criminological journey

Miss Laura Firth
Public Services, Runshaw College
March 19, 2013

A useful book which helps inform the step from theory to practice and allows students to see how the more academic theories can apply in a modern world.

Mr Ashley Tiffen
Institute of Policing and Criminal Justice Studies, University of Cumbria
March 7, 2013

I am hoping to use this text on the criminology module. It is relevant and easy to follow. I don't think it will be the key text though.

Mrs Annabel Schofield
Criminal Justice, University of Essex Online
June 14, 2012

Easy to digest, good analysis of a range of issues discussed within Criminology.

Miss Rebecca Russell
Criminology, University Centre at Blackburn College
December 14, 2011

This is an accessible text which offers an excellent overview of criminology in its applied form. It unpicks the relationship between theory, research, policy and practice and considers the contradictions and implications therein. I consider this an excellent book for students and practitioners alike.

Ms Anne Hayes
Criminology, Liverpool John Moores University
September 14, 2011

The authors have created a learning resource that will help students make the link between theory and policy. This text provides a strong introduction to the subject and is written in a way that interacts with students. Providing chapter summaries, highlighting key terms and definitions, providing case studies and references for further reading has made this an important text for Criminology students.

Miss Aimee Smith
Humanities English and Languages, Peterborough Regional College
June 6, 2011

A well edited text with some very useful contributions by key academics in the field. The boxes for chapter summaries and key points are very helpful for students new to the topic.

Dr Jackie Turton
Department of Sociology, Essex University
October 1, 2010

Excellent, comprehensive book which really does the author proud. My students will find this helpful as a great introduction to the application of criminology

Mrs Sam Poyser
Department of Crime & Policing, Canterbury Christ Church University
May 20, 2010

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Brian Stout

Dr Brian Stout is Associate Head of the School of Applied Social Sciences, De Montfort University. The School has partnerships with Leicestershire Constabulary and Nottinghamshire Police and delivers training and education to police officers, police community support officers and other professionals within the extended police family. Dr Stout was formerly a probation officer in Northern Ireland and has extensive experience of teaching equality and diversity to probation, police and other undergraduate students on applied programmes in both the United Kingdom and South Africa. More About Author

Joe Yates

Brian Williams