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Anti-Oppressive Social Work Practice

Anti-Oppressive Social Work Practice

Second Edition

March 2024 | 256 pages | Learning Matters
Grounded in principles and values of fairness and equality, anti-oppressive practice (AOP) lies at the heart of social work and social work education. This book will equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to address the concepts of diversity, oppression, power and powerless, and practice in ethically appropriate ways for contemporary social work practice.
Part One: Theories and Concepts
Chapter 1: Understanding Oppression
Chapter 2: Valuing Diversity
Chapter 3: Power and Powerlessness
Chapter 4: Models of Anti-Oppressive Practice
Chapter 5: Social Justice
Part Two: Anti-Oppressive Practice with Individuals, Groups and Communities
Chapter 6: Gender
Chapter 7: Age
Chapter 8: Race
Chapter 9: Ethnicity
Chapter 10: Disability
Chapter 11: Faith and Religion
Chapter 12: Refugees and People Seeking Asylum
Part Three: Developing Anti-Oppressive Practice Through Learning
Chapter 13: Anti-oppression in Practice Learning
Chapter 14: Multi-Agency and Interprofessional Practice
Chapter 15: Anti-oppressive Practice Beyond Qualification

Prospera Tedam

Prospera Tedam is currently an Assistant Professor in Social Work at the United Arab Emirates University and teaches on undergraduate and postgraduate social work programmes. She moved to the United Arab Emirates in 2018 from Anglia Ruskin University where she was Principal Lecturer in Social Work, overseeing Practice Quality. Prospera has also taught social work at the Open University and University of Northampton and has research interests in critical race theory, social work with black and ethnic minority service users and anti-oppressive practice.  Prospera is the editor for the Journal of Practice Teaching and Learning and an... More About Author

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