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Analysing Qualitative Data in Psychology

Analysing Qualitative Data in Psychology

Second Edition
Edited by:

April 2016 | 416 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

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Analysing Qualitative Data in Psychology is a clear, step-by–step guide linking theory with practice, that offers a unique combination of perspectives on five qualitative approaches: grounded theory, interpretative phenomenological analysis, discourse analysis, narrative analysis and thematic analysis that can be applied to a common data set. This text provides practical advice and guidance from experts as well as a comparison of the different methods, which will help students decide the approach that’s right for them and their research project.

The second edition of this text:

  • Introduces a fifth, additional qualitative approach, Thematic Analysis
  • Explores the ethical challenges of qualitative work
  • Takes a look at mixed methods and pluralist research
  • Includes worked-out examples of qualitative analyses and brand new tools for learning, including ‘road maps’ for qualitative analysis

Analysing Qualitative Data in Psychology, Second Edition is the perfect text for psychology students engaged in qualitative research or studying research methods, at either undergraduate or postgraduate level.



Qualitative Research in Psychology: Setting the Scene
Evanthia Lyons
Doing Qualitative Research: Initial Questions
Adrian Coyle
Introduction to Qualitative Psychological Research
Edith Steffen
Ethical Considerations in Qualitative Research
Approaches to Data Analysis
Evanthia Lyons and Adrian Coyle
Preface to Section 2
Jonathan A. Smith and Virginia Eatough
Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis
Lesley Storey
Doing Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis
Victoria Clarke and Virginia Braun
Thematic Analysis
Gareth Terry
Doing Thematic Analysis
Sheila Payne
Grounded Theory
Sheila Hawker and Christine Kerr
Doing Grounded Theory
Adrian Coyle
Discourse Analysis
Chris Walton
Doing Discourse Analysis
Brett Smith
Narrative Analysis
Nick Caddick
Doing Narrative Analysis
Evanthia Lyons
Analysing Qualitative Data: Comparative Reflections
Arnie Reed
Appendix 1 Data Set
Adrian Coyle and Evanthia Lyons
Appendix 2 Reporting Qualitative Research: Preface
Virginia Eatough and Jonathan A. Smith
Appendix 2 Report 1: Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis
Caroline Huxley, Victoria Clarke and Emma Halliwell
Appendix 2 Report 2: Thematic Analysis
Magi Sque and Sheila Payne
Appendix 2 Report 3: Grounded Theory Analysis
Simon Goodman and Lottie Rowe
Appendix 2 Report 4: Discourse Analysis
Nick Caddick, Brett Smith and Cassandra Phoenix
Appendix 2 Report 5: Narrative Analysis

This is a comprehensive and accessible guide to qualitative research methods. The added bonus of the data (provided in the appendices) is a useful addition, and makes this an invaluable support text for students new to qualitative methods. Definitely recommended as a teaching resource.

Lisa Staniforth
Lecturer in Psychology, Sheffield Hallam University

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 2: Introduction to Qualitative Psychological Research

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Evanthia Lyons

Evanthia Lyons is Head of the School of Psychology, Criminology and Sociology at Kingston University, London. Her research interests include identity and social representational processes in contexts of intergroup conflict and multi-cultural societies.  More About Author

Adrian Coyle

Adrian Coyle: My engagement with higher education began with my degree in Psychology (with Philosophy), completed at University College Dublin in 1986. In 1987 I moved to London and worked as a research assistant at what was then South Bank Polytechnic until 1989 before transferring to the NHS to work as an HIV Training Officer and Counsellor. After completing my PhD at the University of Surrey in 1991, I took up a lectureship there and have remained at Surrey ever since, fulfilling various roles, principally in relation to the Practitioner Doctorate in Psychotherapeutic and Counselling Psychology (as Research Tutor) and currently the MSc... More About Author

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