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An Introduction to Psychology

An Introduction to Psychology

  • Shilpa Pandit - Faculty of Psychology, School of Arts and Sciences, Ahmedabad University
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October 2021 | 504 pages | SAGE Texts
A comprehensive, inter-disciplinary foundational book on psychology with socio-cultural contexts and practical applications

This textbook is specifically designed to provide foundational knowledge to students of psychology. It explains the basic principles of psychology in a clear and accessible manner. It uses examples drawn from real life to provide a context for the theories of psychology. The book is unique in the way it introduces the study of psychology in the context of Indian issues and culture. It integrates indigenous perspectives on topics such as yoga, cognition and health with conventional theories of psychology without compromising on scientific rigour. 

Each chapter is designed to engage the learners by presenting practical applications of theories as well as relevant stories from Indian and international media. These features along with recent research studies and possible future research questions in the field make Introduction to Psychology an indispensable manual for Indian students of psychology.

Key Features:

• Examples from the Indian context to make the content more relatable to students 

• Inter-disciplinary approach which relates psychology to allied subjects like sociology and cognitive sciences

• Updated with information about current trends in research in the subject

• Follows the curriculum of major Indian universities
About the Book
Introducing Psychology in the Indian context
Who Am I? Biology and Culture
Consciousness: The Base, Interweave and Surround of Being and Becoming
Connecting with the World: Sensation and Perception
Knowing the World: Attention, Memory and Learning
Self, Cognition and Metacognition
Creativity, Decision-making, Language and Communication
Motivation and Emotion
Individual Differences: Personality and Intelligence
Developing through the Lifespan: Birth, Childhoods Adolescence
Developing through the Lifespan: Youth, Adulthood, Ageing and Death
Being in the World: Self and Relationships
Being in the World: Groups and Group Processes
Stress, Mental Disorders, Coping and Social Support
Sattvavajaya: Therapies for Mental Health Disorders
Svastha: Abiding in Svastha, Being yourself—Yoga, Health and Well-being


Shilpa Pandit

Shilpa Pandit is currently serving as an Associate Professor, School of Arts and Sciences, Ahmedabad University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, and earlier taught at Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth, Kochi. She has rich work experience in diverse interdisciplinary contexts with several organizations, which have given her a unique perspective on psychology teaching and research. Over the last two decades, Dr Pandit has worked on issues such as work and careers for youth, gender, women, entrepreneurship and livelihood, rural development and the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, life skills and adolescent development and... More About Author

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