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An Introduction to Human Resource Management

An Introduction to Human Resource Management

Second Edition
  • Nick Wilton - Oxford Brookes University, UK, University of the West of England, UK
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Human Resource Management

April 2013 | 480 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
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'A first class text. It is scholarly and yet very accessible.' - Louise Preget, Senior Lecturer, Bournemouth University Business School

The second edition of Nick Wilton's An Introduction to Human Resource Management continues to provide an engaging and holistic overview of the role of Human Resource Management in its contemporary context. It reflects on current trends, the labour market and the global economy while offering a critical yet accessible treatment of both theoretical and practical issues relating to Human Resource Management.

  •  New Full Colour Layout makes the text easy to read and navigate
  • HR in Practice boxes illustrate how theory can be applied in practice
  • Ethical Insights present ethical considerations for budding practitioners
  • Global Insights highlight practices around the world
  • Research Insights invite you to explore academic research
  • Case Studies relate theory to real organisations such as Tesco, Intel and Lloyds TSB
  • Self-test questions are ideal for revision
  • Further Online Reading provides free access to scholarly journal articles
  • Glossary and Definitions explain key terms
  • Podcasts summarise key topics and highlight employability skills

Visit: to access additional learning resources including extended case studies, chapter summaries, podcasts and journal articles.

This book is essential reading for undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA students, including those studying for their CIPD qualifications.


CHAPTER 1 What is HRM?
CHAPTER 2 HRM and the Individual
CHAPTER 3 HRM, Strategy and Performance
CHAPTER 4 The Labour Market Context of HRM
CHAPTER 5 The National and International Context of HRM
CHAPTER 6 People Resourcing
CHAPTER 7 Managing Performance
CHAPTER 8 Managing Reward
CHAPTER 9 Human Resource Development
CHAPTER 10 Employment Relations
CHAPTER 11 HRM, Equality and Diversity
CHAPTER 12 Careers and Career Management
CHAPTER 13 The Management of Workplace Conflict
CHAPTER 14 HRM, Work and Well-being
CHAPTER 15 Current Trends and Future Challenges in HRM

'A first class text. It is scholarly and yet very accessible'
Louise Preget, Senior Lecturer
Bournemouth University Business School

'This is an excellent textbook that combines research and practice in a very readable and interesting way! It does a great job of covering all the major topics in HRM and each chapter is filled with outstanding learning features' -
Randall S. Schuler
Distinguished Professor, HRM, Rutgers University

'Well written and crafted in a format that meets the needs of International students for whom English is not a first language. Inclusion of end of chapter case studies and self test questions, can be utilized for group work and the overall layout is most helpful to busy Lecturers crafting their sessions. I will certainly be recommending this as a key resource for next academic year's students' -
Mrs Jillian Ashley-Jones
Fac of Business,Environment & Society, Coventry University

'This comprehensive text covers a range of HRM topics in a clear and well-organized way. Contemporary and critical issues are considered and future/emerging ideas are also addressed. The text is highly interactive and encourages students to apply ideas and develop their understanding of concepts through a number of case studies and other activities. Each chapter is supplemented by a number of helpful additional readings and website materials and is suitable for students at senior undergraduate and postgraduate levels' -
Mr Martin Dowling
School of Management, St Andrews University

'This book is an excellent resource for students of human resource management. it provides a comprehensive and critical perspective on the theoretical and practical aspects of HRM' -
Professor Peter Wimmer
Business and Management, University of Applied Sciences Augsburg

'A very good source for basic concepts. Especially suitable for students who are just being introduced to HRM' -
Dr Alhajie Khan
Human Resource Management & Industrial R, Keele University

'With clear outlines and key learning goals this book provided a whole picture on what to expect after reading a book. Discussions at each chapter helped students to explore and analyze issues. National and International context as well as HRM in practice in other organizations really helped understanding of the subject in many contexts' -
Professor Hyun Jeong Kim
College of Business Administration, Inha University

'Wilton's an Introduction to Human Resource Management offers an in-depth analysis of all elements of HRM . Beginning with a full exploration what HRM is and how it has developed students are given a good foundation with which to move on to part two which explores the practicalities of managing the employee relationship, sections on managing performance and managing reward offer good theoretical underpinning and are offered with a positive approach to both of these important aspects of the HRM role. The final section which looks at contemporary issues facing HRM and is extremely pertinent as it explores the challenges which face Human Resources in these stringent economic times'

Patrick Hutchinson
Newcastle College

Very good and would recommend

Mr Alan Searle
Psychology , Grimsby Institute of HE & FE
February 27, 2015

A clear explanation of the various HR processes with very helpful insights and case studies which enable students to apply their learning.

Ms Sarah McLaughlin
Access to HE, Weston College
January 20, 2015

I have found the text to beyond brilliant, as it explains the Human Resource Management concepts with clarity, outlines the strengths and weaknesses of theories and has application, which many texts lack as it provides both lecturers and students with the implications to organisation setting. What an excellent way to embark on the HRM journey, once you begin reading it, you cannot stop, as you will be engrossed in the engagingly discussion. It puts together different theories and approaches to HRM from an academic and teaching perspective. This book truly reflects the changing nature of HRM in the complex world of the 21st century. It provides insight and critique of the main aspects of HRM and how they enhance the quality of the workforce as an organisational competitive advantage.

Dr Never Muskwe
Dept of Human Resource & Marketing Mgt, Portsmouth University
October 22, 2014

Up to date exploration of HR which makes the subject accessible to level 3 students. Students are happy to buy this book because hey can use it when they go to university to take business studies.

Ms Sarah McLaughlin
Access to HE, Weston College
September 14, 2014

I found this text book the one I would be using in my HRM course. It includes all important topics and have also a focus on several contemporary issues such as work life balance, equality and diversity. The textbook is UK based which means that it incorporates examples from that environment and also is linked to CIPD. For those lecturers looking for more international textbook I would not recommend this one. However it does combine the practitioners view with a research insights very well. I personally like the emphasis on ethical issues which is depicted in separate text-boxes. Overall I can say it is a well structured textbook with up-to-date information.

Dr Viktor Kulhavy
Department of Corporate Economy, Faculty of Economics and Administration, Masaryk University
August 4, 2014

Highly recommended text which provides an excellent overview of the many facets of HRM.
The book is easy to navigate and provides some useful resources for both students and tutors.

Mrs Anita McGowan
Humanities , Croydon College
June 11, 2014

The book is excellent as it provides all the necessary information in a comprehensive manner, especially when targeting first year HRM students.

Mr Fotios Mitsakis
Department of Human Resource Mngmt., Strathclyde University
June 10, 2014

This book including the additional course material (i.e lecture notes, multiple-choice tests, etc.) have been fully adopted on the module.

The feedback received from the students has been rather positive, although we are currently reconsidering the use of this book as it might be a bit too challenging for a Level 7 module. Overall, I believe the book is well critical and provide a good fundamental outline of what HRM is and how it applies in practice.

Mr Silvio Hofmann
Business School, Univ. of The West of Scotland
April 10, 2014

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Chapter 1

Nick Wilton

Dr Nick Wilton is currently Associate Dean for Professional Education and Accreditation at Oxford Brookes Business School. For more than 20 years, he has taught at undergraduate and graduate levels in a variety of disciplines including Human Resource Management and Development, employment relations and cross-cultural and international management. He is the author of an Introduction to Human Resource Management (5th ed.). His research interests include employability, careers and career development, and labour market inequality. He holds a doctorate in the sociology of work and employment, an Mphil in the management of... More About Author

Also available as a South Asia Edition.

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