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An Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy

An Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy
From Theory to Practice

  • Andrew Reeves - Professor in the Counselling Professions and Mental Health, Senior BACP Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist and Registered Social Worker.
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496 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

An Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy takes professional trainees through the entire therapeutic process, introducing the theory and applying it to real-life practice. It is, in short, an authoritative introduction to everything a trainee needs to know to become a professional therapist.

Drawing on years of experience as a counseling practitioner and researcher, Andrew Reeves provides a uniquely practical consideration of counseling and psychotherapy theory, linked to the development of appropriate skills and located within the context of therapeutic practice today. Engagingly and accessibly written, the book is packed with learning features including:

  • Chapter Overviews and Summaries
  • Discussion Points
  • A Glossary
  • Indicated Further Reading and Important Websites
  • Skills Practice sections
  • Pause for Reflection sections and Discussion Points at the end of each chapter allow the reader to reflect on learning and consider key aspects of the chapter
  • Scenarios, illustrating key ideas in action across settings and modalities
  • Case Studies and detailed vignettes, including several repeating cases provide comparison between modalities or contexts

This groundbreaking textbook represents a benchmark in understanding - and applying - the principles and practice of counseling and psychotherapy.

Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy: From Theory to Practice
Becoming a Counsellor or Psychotherapist: The Training Journey
Principal Counselling and Psychotherapy Approaches and Skills
Professional Settings and Organisations
Law, Policy, Values and Ethics
Clients and Presenting Issues
Managing Aspects of the Therapeutic Relationship
Challenges in the Therapeutic Relationship
Working with Diversity and Difference
Managing Professional Responsibilities
Supervision and Consultation
Counselling, Psychotherapy and Research
Endings and the Next Steps

'Andrew Reeves has produced a very useful and clear introduction to the field. An excellent addition to Sage's growing list on counselling and\psychotherapy' -
Windy Dryden, Professor of Psychotherapeutic Studies and Programme Co-ordinator of the MSc in Rational-Emotive and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy at Goldsmiths, University of London

'I have taught on both postgraduate diploma and masters programmes for counselling training, and would have really appreciated having this book available to myself and the students. I would have no problems in recommending this book to trainee counsellors' -
Judith Fewell, Honorary Fellow, University of Edinburgh

This is a mightily ambitious book, and one which I would have probably hugged on discovering a decade ago, as I muddled my way through the difficult decision to re-train as a therapist. It’s not just the sheer volume of information it contains that is impressive, but all the generous thoughts and ideas that go with it – chapter overviews and plenty of re-caps, further online and offline reading suggestions, discussion points, skills practice sections, case vignettes and even a companion website offering PowerPoints for tutors. Ultimately it achieves what it sets out to be: ‘a book about practice, by a practitioner’ – and one I’d highly recommend to anyone lured by the idea of a career in talking therapy.

Julia Bueno
Integrative Psychotherapist in private practice and co-founder of the London Psychotherapy Network
Private Practice

Questions for discussion and pauses for reflection encourage active engagement with the text. Other features include numerous case studies, suggestions for further reading and a companion website with additional resources. The book is clearly set out and thoroughly user-friendly, which should make it a helpful companion along the way for anyone contemplating counselling or therapy training, and a great resource for trainers.

Dr Els van Ooijen
Relational-integrative psychotherapist, Supervisor and Co-author of Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy

This book happily combines authoritative knowledge and experience with a winning and engaging style... it is certainly worth the price of the paperback as an investment not only for trainees, but also for qualified counsellors wanting to keep up with their thinking and development.

David Quarmby
Clinical Supervisor, Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, psychotherapist in private practice
Healthcare Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal

This is an outstanding introductory level text in every respect, covering all the major aspects of counselling and psychotherapy.
The text gives a basic overview of the main psychological approaches, followed by in-depth discussion and analysis of the the major aspects of counselling and psychotherapy; including professional practice, research, legal and ethical considerations. The use of case studies and scenarios throughout, help develop a depth of understanding and provide context to the areas explored.
The text is easy to read and understand, offering clarity of points and an easy to navigate layout.
The text is ideal for students of counselling and psychotherapy at any level, ranging from level 3 through to level 7.
This is an essential text for anyone studying in this field.

Mr Gareth Hatton
Education, St. Davids RC Sixth Form College
April 30, 2016

Clear breakdown of different therapeutic models, that are useful for an introductory level

Mrs Julie Clayton
Adult Education, St Vincent College
March 3, 2016

This is a well written and thoughtfully presented text. The format is excellent making the content easily accessed and learner friendly.

Mrs Della Austin
School of Education and Community, Glyndwr University
October 12, 2015

I was delighted to discover this book as I needed to update the reading materials for a module I had taken over. Reeves offers a clear and concise introduction to fundamental issues while encouraging the student to find their individual voice. The students have found the questions for self reflection particularly helpful. A little gem of a book.

Mrs Izzy Poyntz
Department of Psychology, Roehampton University
October 17, 2014

An accessible, informative text with excellent web-based resources.

Michelle Cooke
Person-Centred, The Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute
October 16, 2014

Excellent. Very good 'fit' for this level

Mr Keith Walmsley-Smith
Psychology & Mental Health, Staffordshire University
October 13, 2014

Andrew Reeves

Andrew Reeves is a Professor in the Counselling Professions and Mental Health, a Senior BACP Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist and a Registered Social Worker. He is a past-Chair of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, a Fellow of BACP and a Senior Fellow of Advance HE.  He has published extensively on working in counselling and psychotherapy, and particularly in working with risk in a range of organisational settings. He is past Editor-in-Chief of Counselling and Psychotherapy Research journal and has a long-standing commitment to ethics in the counselling professions, including in writing and research. More About Author