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An Introduction to Coaching Skills

An Introduction to Coaching Skills
A Practical Guide

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December 2013 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
An Introduction to Coaching Skills is an invaluable resource for novice and trainee coaches. Its accessible, step-by-step style acquaints you with the key skills needed to become a successful coach and, with its focus on the applied side of coaching, the book is an essential text for anyone starting out on their coaching voyage. From the 'how to', through to practicalities and challenges and honing existing skills, this book covers:


- Definitions of coaching

- How to become a coach

- Key coaching skills

- Current coaching models

- Practical tools and techniques

- Reflective practise and how best to help others


With evidence-based research, activities and suggestions for further reading, this is a clear and practical, all-you-need guide to becoming a coach.



First things first
Becoming a coach
Key coaching skills
Listening to encourage thinking
Asking powerful questions
Summarising and paraphrasing
Giving and receiving feedback
Coaching process
The GROW model
Beyond behaviour: exploring our thinking
Using positive psychology
Practical tools and techniques
Body language and emotional intelligence
Inspiring creativity: let's talk
Inspiring creativity: let's draw
Inspiring creativity: let's play
Way of being
Being Human
Inspiring others
Reflecting on practice

The wealth of examples and the linked videos make it much more than the title would imply... any counsellor could move into coaching with this resource alone...

Eleanor Patrick
AICTP Journal

Christian van Nieuwerburgh is one of our leaders in the field of coaching.  If you’re a coach, or simply interested in learning more about coaching, you need this book—packed with tools, strategies, video support and many, many resources that will help all coaches improve their practice.

Jim Knight
Director, Kansas Coaching Project

Packed full of ideas, stories and exercises, and backed up by over seventy short video clips illustrating key points, this book takes the reader on a journey to learn how to do coaching and - more profoundly - how to be a coach who unlocks the potential in others.

Bob Thomson
Professor of Practice, Warwick Business School

This theoretically-grounded and highly practical book will be of great value – a comprehensive and through exposition of vital coaching skills that will guide development and help facilitate constructive reflective practice. Recommended to the novice and advanced coach alike. Enjoy!

Anthony M Grant PhD
Director of the Coaching Psychology Unit, University of Sydney

This is a wonderfully practical, yet stimulating, inspiring and innovative resource. I just wish Christian had put this together years ago, when I first became a coach! That said, there is heaps of learning to be had here for both the established and the novice coach, accessed via a number of routes, including anecdotes and video clips. I predict this will become one of those resources the coaching profession will wonder how it ever managed without.

Liz Hall
Editor of Coaching at Work magazine and author of Mindful Coaching

I am delighted to be able to endorse this insightful and helpful book aims helps to develop coaching skills. Coaching is probably the most useful skill that managers, leaders and teachers can have in their tool box - indeed anyone who needs to develop their ability to relate to people and get the most from them. This is a new way to present information and share experience and skills. It is accessible and makes learning fun. . How to ask the right questions, how to listen and how to support people are all explored and practical advice and examples underpin the learning.

Read, listen and apply, you won't regret the investment in your personal skills repertoire

Sue Evans
Head of HR and Organisational Development, Warwickshire County Council

An Introduction to Coaching Skills: A Practical Guide is an impressive book by a specialised professional Christian van Nieuwerburgh who has devoted himself on coaching. The book is already on its way to become a masterpiece in the field as it brings coaching theory and practice together in a fascinating way enabling the readers to establish a connection between learning and living.

Ramazan Yirci, Sutcu Imam University, Turkey
Co-author of the book 'Mentoring Practices Around the World'

At last a book on Coaching that highlights key coaching skills in visual format that reinforce a time-tested model of effective coaching .

Christian has distilled the essential steps in coaching and followed this up with putting techniques into practice using actual coaching sessions . The book follows a simple yet powerful recipe of moving from knowledge to process to a way of being allowing aspiring coaches to get a sense of competence  in using coaching skills rapidly and simply .

The format of the book is innovative and be well received by those who appreciate coaching in action .

Dr Steve Zolezzi PhD
Head of Positive Education, Knox Grammar School, Australia

Walking the talk or being authentic is an absolute necessity in this day when so many competing resources are being published on how to be a coach. This book not only walks the talk and helps the reader on the journey to authenticity but does so in a way that brilliantly surrounds the reader with not just words, but practical examples—many drawn from the book author's own experience; succinct video video clips that clearly demonstrate skills and perspective, opportunities for studied reflection, and experiential learning activities. The author has truly captured the essence of coaching that distinguishes it from other forms of helping; namely, that coaching is a way of being, of sharing your true self with the world, and assisting both yourself and the people you work with to also become their authentic selves.

Rey Carr
Editor-in-Chief, Peer Bulletin

Much more than a book - this  practical, comprehensive learning resource makes a significant contribution to the coaching literature. The  linked video clips, an innovation not seen elsewhere, will be particularly valued by those beginning to explore coaching, by more experienced coaches seeking to hone core skills as well as those involved in training coaches.

A resource for every coach's bookshelf; to be referred to again and again.

John Campbell
Managing Director, Growth Coaching International, Sydney, Australia

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An Introduction to Coaching Skills: First Things First

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Christian van Nieuwerburgh

Christian is a well-respected executive coach, internationally-recognised academic and sought-after consultant. He is a Programme Leader and Senior Lecturer within the Coaching Psychology programmes at the University of East London, one of the world’s leading centres for the postgraduate study of coaching. He lectures on a number of MSc programmes in the School of Psychology, undertakes ground-breaking research and international collaborations in coaching and supervises academic dissertations. Seen as an international authority in the field of coaching, he has been invited to speak at conferences in the US, the UK, Europe, Australia and... More About Author

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