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A Critical Introduction to Coaching and Mentoring

A Critical Introduction to Coaching and Mentoring
Debates, Dialogues and Discourses

First Edition
  • David E Gray - University of Greenwich, UK
  • Bob Garvey - Managing Partner, The Lio Partnership, a coaching and mentoring consultancy in the UK
  • David A Lane - Professional Development Foundation, UK

March 2016 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This is the definitive introduction to coaching and mentoring, written by an experienced and multidisciplinary team. Taking you all the way through from the emerging theory to informed practice, the book covers:


·         Skills, purposes and outcomes of coaching and mentoring processes

·         The many settings in which they take place – public, private and voluntary

·         Coaching and mentoring’s evidence base and how it is assessed

·         The professionalization of coaching and mentoring and a move towards integration.


Supported by a wide range of case studies, activities, further questions and topics for discussion, this book is a comprehensive but accessible introduction. The authors take a critical approach and go beyond the basics, to support your development as a critically reflective practitioner.

It is essential reading for those studying coaching and mentoring, and professionals looking to integrate coaching and mentoring into their organizations.

Part I: Introducing Coaching & Mentoring: Where do I start?
Why coaching and mentoring? Why now?
Psychology as a perspective to inform our work in coaching and mentoring
Part II: Coaching & Mentoring Skills & Process: What do I actually do and why?
Coaching and mentoring process
Skills and competence for coaching and mentoring
Coaching and mentoring in the learning mix
Evaluating coaching & mentoring
Part III: Coaching & Mentoring in Organisations and other Contexts
Coaching and mentoring in specific contexts
Leadership, Management, coaching and mentoring
Towards a coaching and mentoring culture
Introducing coaching and mentoring into an organisation
Part IV: Professional and Personal Development for Coaches: How can I develop my practice?
Towards a model of coaching supervision
Professionalisation and Ethics
Research in coaching and mentoring
Coaching and the future

Excellent text introducing key concepts and topic considerations. Useful for students, learners and training practitioners.

Mr Jason Hettrick
Other, University of Cumbria
November 15, 2017

This helps with learners being introduced to coaching and mentoring. Lots of good advice and debates to use within the classroom

Mrs Chrissie Louise Draper
Derby College, Derby College
September 30, 2015

David E Gray

David Gray was Professor of Leadership and Organisational Behaviour at the University of Greenwich. His research interests, and publication record, included research methods, management learning (particularly coaching and mentoring), professional identity, action learning, reflective learning, management learning in SMEs and the factors that contribute to SME success. He published books and articles on research methods, organizational learning, and coaching and mentoring. David led a number of EU-funded research programmes including one examining the impact of coaching on the resilience of unemployed managers in their job-searching... More About Author

Bob Garvey

Bob Garvey works with a variety of people, either one-to-one or in groups. He is an internationally known keynote conference speaker, thought leader, educator and prolific writer. Bob is an honorary board member of the International Mentoring Association (IMA) and founding member of the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council). In 2014, the trade magazine, ‘Coaching at Work’ awarded him a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ for services to mentoring and in 2018, he was ‘Highly Commended’ as an external coach/mentor also by ‘Coaching at Work’ magazine.  Bob is obsessed with coaching and mentoring! More About Author

David A Lane

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