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Alzheimer's Disease and Marriage

Alzheimer's Disease and Marriage

February 1993 | 160 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The marriages of patients with Alzheimer's disease are examined in this book, which relates research findings to specific assessments and interventions that nurses can employ to help the caregiver.

The author carefully documents how Alzheimer's disease invades various dimensions of marriage and how spouses retain or lose awareness of each other. The dimensions of marriage that are explored include household tasks, companionship, affection and sexuality. For each dimension, clinical assessment strategies and guidelines for interventions are described.

Elizabeth Colerick Clipp
Household Aspects of Marriage
Tension Within the Marriage Relationship
Companionship Within the Marital Relationship
Affection and Sexuality Within the Marital Relationship
Commitment and the Marriage Relationship

Lore K. Wright

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