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Aiming High

Aiming High
Leadership Actions to Increase Learning Gains

  • Evan Robb - Principal, Johnson-Williams Middle School; Berryville, VA

January 2022 | 208 pages | Corwin
About the Author
Chapter 1. Redefining Instructional Leadership
Chapter 2. Collaborative Leadership: Activate, Influence, Elevate
Chapter 3. Building Trusting Relationships
Chapter 4. Supporting Students and Staff Through Professional Learning
Chapter 5. Creating a Culture of Access, Equity, and High Expectations
Chapter 6. Leading for Literacy
Chapter 7. Leading for Numeracy
Chapter 8. Next Steps: Leading a Culture of Learning

Evan A. Robb

Evan Robb is the principal of Johnson-Williams Middle School in Berryville, Virginia. He has over twenty years of experience serving as a building-level principal, including opening a junior high school in Warren County, Virginia. Prior to being a school principal, he was an English teacher, department chair, and assistant principal. Early in his career, Evan received the Horace Mann Educator of the Year Award. In addition, the NCTE Commission on Reading selected him to serve on its board.Evan leads sustainable change initiatives that transform school culture, increase achievement, and prepare students for their future. In addition to... More About Author

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