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Aging in America A to Z

Aging in America A to Z

May 2001 | 300 pages | CQ Press
AmericaÆs rapidly expanding population of older citizens is becoming the dominant political and policy issue of the new century. Thorny issues are driving decisions made in Washington, D.C. and state capitols, in corporations, and around the family dining table, such as: '''' The future of Social Security '' The cost of Medicare and drugs '' Elderrcare '' Retirement and pensions ''''Aging in America A to Z is an encyclopedic roadmap to the challenging questions and potential answers facing todayÆs seniors and their children. Important to both seniors and younger Americans who must care directly for parents or share indirectly in the economic and social costs of an aging population, Aging in America A to Z is a fundamental resource for all academic, public, and high school libraries.''''''

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Adriel Bettelheim

Adriel Bettelheim is a reporter for Congressional Quarterly's CQ Weekly magazine, covering telecommunications, science, and technology. He has been a reporter for the Denver Post and the Syracuse Herald-Journal. He graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a bachelor's degree in chemistry. More About Author

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