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African American Psychology

African American Psychology
From Africa to America

Fourth Edition

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Black Studies | Psychology

May 2018 | 640 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

African American Psychology: From Africa to America, Fourth Edition provides comprehensive coverage of the field of African American psychology. Authors Faye Z. Belgrave and Kevin W. Allison skillfully convey the integration of African and American influences on the psychology of African Americans using a consistent theme throughout the text—the idea that understanding the psychology of African Americans is closely linked to understanding what is happening in the institutional systems in the United States. The Fourth Edition reflects notable advances and important developments in the field over the last several years, and includes evidence-based practices for improving the overall well-being of African American communities.

New to the Fourth Edition

  • Coverage of current issues affecting African Americans and causing changes in the social-political environment include the Black Lives Matter movement, racial trauma, and more.
  • Content from blogs has been added to chapter-opening cover stories to reflect the more modern ways news and information are obtained.
  • More coverage of literature and research on Blacks throughout the diaspora, especially in Africa, provide historical context and documents heterogeneity among African Americans in the United States.
  • Expanded coverage of topics as a result of recent research includes LGBTQ individuals, African American fathers, colorism, intersectionality, electronic cigarettes, social media, and more.
  • More…

About the Authors
Chapter 1. Introduction to African American Psychology
Introduction, Definitions, and Conceptual Frameworks  
Historical Perspective on the Psychological Study of African Americans  
Study of African Americans in American Psychology  
Status of African American Psychology Today  
Methodological and Research Issues  
Critical Analysis  
Chapter 2. African-Centered Psychology
Introduction to African-Centered Psychology and the Africentric Worldview  
African American Psychologists and African-Centered Psychology  
African Philosophy  
African-Centered Research With African Americans  
Methodological and Research Issues  
Empirically Based Programs in Africentric Psychology  
Critical Analysis  
Chapter 3. Self-Attributes and Identity
Introductions, Definitions, and Conceptual Framework  
Self-Concept Among African Americans  
Identity: Development and Change  
Models of Racial Identity  
Sexual Identity  
Acculturation, Racial Socialization, Gender Roles, and Masculinity  
Methodological and Research Issues  
Best Practices for Increasing Positive Racial and Ethnic Identity and Racial Socialization  
Critical Analysis  
Chapter 4. Race and Racism
Introduction, Definitions, and Historical Overview  
Types of Racism  
Consequences of Racism  
Coping With Racism  
Methodological and Research Issues  
Evidenced-Based and Promising Practices for Reducing Racism  
Critical Analysis  
Chapter 5. Kinship and Family
Definitions and Historical Background on African American Families  
African American Family Structure  
What Does the African American Family Look Like?  
Strengths, Coping, and Parenting Patterns  
Methodological and Research Issues  
Evidenced-Based Practices for Strengthening African American Families  
Critical Analysis  
Chapter 6. Education and Work
Introduction and Overview  
Research on the Educational Experiences of African Americans  
Culture and Noncognitive Factors in Education  
Perspectives on Work, Career, Vocations, and Employment  
Methodological and Research Issues  
Evidence-Based Practices for Improving Educational Outcomes  
Critical Analysis  
Chapter 7. Neighborhoods and Communities
Introduction and Overview  
Demographic and Historical Perspectives on the African American Community  
Theoretical Perspectives on Communities  
Research on African American Communities  
Methodological and Research Issues  
Empirically Supported Practices and Policy for Community and Neighborhood Improvement  
Critical Analysis  
Chapter 8. Interpersonal and Close Relationships
Introduction, Definitions, and Historical Perspectives  
Friendships and Peer Relationships  
Romantic Relationships  
Interpersonal Attraction  
Interracial Attitudes, Friendships, and Relationships  
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Relationships  
Methodological and Research Issues  
Best Practices for Improving Relationships  
Critical Analysis  
Chapter 9. Cognition, Learning, and Language
Introduction, Definitions, and Historical Framework  
Cognitive Styles  
Learning Styles  
Methodological and Research Issues  
Promising Practices for Increasing Cognitive and Language Skills  
Critical Analysis  
Chapter 10. Religion and Spirituality
Introduction, Definitions, and Background  
Historical Influences  
Contemporary African American Churches  
The Black MegaChurch  
Spirituality, Religion, and Well-Being  
Contemporary Topics  
Methodological and Research Issues  
Empirically Based Practices Using Religion and Spirituality  
Critical Analysis  
Chapter 11. Life Span Development
Introduction and Definitions  
Theoretical Perspectives on the Development of African Americans  
Research on the Development of African Americans  
Methodological and Research Issues  
Best Practices and Promising Interventions for Improving Developmental Outcomes  
Critical Analysis  
Chapter 12. Health, Illness, and Disability
Introduction, Definitions, and Background  
Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, and Health Care Utilization  
Models of Health and Illness Behaviors  
Cultural Models of Health and Illness  
Selected Health and Illness Conditions Among African Americans  
Methodological and Research Issues  
Empirically Supported Practices for Reducing Morbidity and Mortality  
Critical Analysis  
Chapter 13. Psychosocial Adaptation and Mental Health
Introduction and Definitions  
Theoretical Perspectives on Psychological Adaptation and Dysfunction Among African Americans  
Data on Mental Health of African Americans  
Research on the Role of Culture, Identity, and Discrimination in Well-Being  
Methodological and Research Issues  
Promising and Evidence-Based Practices for Improving Mental Health Outcomes  
Critical Analysis  
Chapter 14. Drug Use and Abuse
Introductions, Definitions, and Historical Perspectives  
Current Drug Use Among African Americans  
Diversity in Substance Use and Abuse Among Blacks  
Causes and Consequences of Drug Use  
Methodological and Research Issues  
Best Practices for Preventing and Treating Drug Use  
Critical Analysis  
Chapter 15. Prosocial and Antisocial Behavior
Prosocial Behavior  
Antisocial Behavior  
Methodological and Research Issues  
Best Practices for Increasing Prosocial Behavior and Decreasing Antisocial Behavior  
Critical Analysis  
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Subject Index

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1: Introduction to African American Psychology

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Faye Z. Belgrave

Faye Z. Belgrave is Professor of Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University and the Founding Director of the Center for Cultural Experiences in Prevention. Her programmatic and research interests are in the areas of health disparities, including drug and HIV prevention among African Americans and other ethnic minorities. Dr. Belgrave’s research also focuses on the role of culture and context in prevention interventions, on women’s health, and gender related issues. Much of her work has been conducted in collaboration with community-based organizations. Dr. Belgrave is an invited speaker on the topics of African American culture,... More About Author

Kevin Wendell Allison

Kevin W. Allison is Senior Assistant to the President of Virginia Commonwealth University and a Professor in the Department of Psychology and the Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs. He completed his undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Notre Dame and his graduate work in clinical-community psychology at DePaul University in Chicago. Prior to joining the VCU faculty, Dr. Allison worked at Pennsylvania State University and served as the Clincal Director of City Lights in Washington, DC. Dr. Allison's work has focused on understanding and addressing processes that support positive developmental outcomes for... More About Author

Also available as a South Asia Edition.

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