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Affirmative Psychotherapy and Counseling for Lesbians and Gay Men

Affirmative Psychotherapy and Counseling for Lesbians and Gay Men

July 2012 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
For practising therapists, as well as students, this book gives practical and usable information on how to provide affirmative therapy to lesbians and gay men. Research examples and numerous case studies illustrate the authors' points. The book:

] offers a broad base of research, practice, and advocacy information about the special counselling needs of gays and lesbians.

] makes use of research examples and numerous case studies to illustrate relevant points.

] discusses not only the important aspects of providing affirmative psychotherapy to lesbian and gay clients, but also the treatment of same-sex couples and families, ethnic minority issues, HIV/AIDS and legal and ethical issues.

] inludes an appendix with a variety of resources for lesbian and gay male clients.


Part I: Lesbian and Gay Life: Definitions, Coming Out, and Identity Development
1. Terminology and Identity Development
2. Youth, Elderly, Ethnic Minority, and Lesbian and Gay Subcultures
Part II: Affirmative Psychotherapy and Counseling in Individual, Couple, and Group Modalities
3. Creating the Foundation for Affirmative Psychotherapy
4. Affirmative Individual Psychotherapy
5. Treatment Issues for Couples and Families
6. Group Psychotherapy and Support Groups for Lesbians and Gay Men
7. Ethical and Legal Considerations for Affirmative Psychotherapy
Appendix: Resources for Lesbian and Gay Male Clients

Jeffrey N. Chernin

Jeffrey N. Chernin, Ph.D., is the Clinic Director for Campion Counseling Center, a project of Ocean Park Community Services, in Santa Monica, California. He began a psychotherapy internship in Dallas in 1992, became a Licensed Professional Coun-selor in 1994, and earned a Ph.D. in Counseling and Student Services from the University of North Texas in 1996. After moving to California in 1998, he obtained a Marriage and Family Therapist license in 2001. Jeff has taught several college courses, including Psychology of the Lesbian and Gay Experience, led workshops on counseling lesbians and gay men, communication, conflict resolution, stress... More About Author

Melissa R. Johnson

Melissa R. Johnson received her Ph.D. in School and Counseling Psychology from Texas Woman’s University. She has conducted workshops and presentations for local, state, and national conferences focusing on the parenting, relationship, and identity issues of lesbians and gay men. Previously the Director of Counseling for a non-profit counseling center serving lesbians and gay men in Dallas, Texas, she currently works as the Director of General Studies and Academic Services for the Art Institute of Dallas. She has also been working in private practice since 1994. More About Author

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