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Three Volume Set
Edited by:
  • Chris Hackley - Royal Holloway University of London, UK, School of Management, Royal Holloway University of London, UK

October 2009 | 1 312 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The study of advertising is a heated and expansive forum, with research diverging along methodological, semantic, and often political lines. This eclectic, extensive, and inclusive collection draws together the diverse literature with a view to organizing and making sense of the state of play of advertising research, with papers drawn not only from the major international advertising journals, but also widely across the social sciences.

Accommodating statistical, behavioral, and interpretive perspectives, this three-volume set is organized into three broad categories. Volume One looks at advertising management, including creativity, agency/client relations, campaign planning and effectiveness, media planning, and brand communications. Volume Two looks at the cultural influence of advertising, including its ideological character, theoretical influences, and cross-cultural aspects. Volume Three looks at advertising science: the experimental and survey data-gathering methods involved in measuring advertising effectiveness.

Volume 1: Advertising Management
How Divergent Beliefs Cause Account Team Conflict

C. Hackley
Silent Running: Tacit, discursive and psychological aspects of management in a top UK advertising agency

C. Hackley
Encoding Advertisements: The Creative Perspective

A. Kelly, K. Lawlor and S. O'donohoe
International Advertising Strategies of Multinational Corporations

R.E. Hite and C. Fraser
Copywriters' Implicit theories of Communication: An exploration

A. Kover
Producing Marketing: Towards a social-phenomenology of marketing work

S. Svensson
Why Copywriters Don't Like Advertising Research - and What Kind of Research Might They Accept?

A.J. Kover
The Games Copywriters Play - Conflict, Quasi-control - A New Proposal

A.J. Kover and S.M. Goldberg
The Role of Myth in Creative Advertising Design: Theory, process, and outcome

G.V. Johar, M.B. Holbrook and B.B. Stern
Advertising Client-Agency Relationships: The decision-making structure of clients

D.C. West and S.J. Paliwoda
Advertising Research and its Influence Upon Managerial Practice: A review of perspectives and approaches

J.P. Cornelissen and A.R. Lock
Advertising Agency Creative Reputation and Account Loyalty

P.C.N. Michell, H. Cataquet and G.D. Mandry
Standardization vs Specialization: An examination of westernization in Japanese advertising

B. Mueller
Standardized International Advertising: A review and criticale of the theoretical and empirical evidence

S. Onkvisit and J.J. Shaw
IMC in US Ad Agencies - An Exploratory Study

D.E. Schultz and P.J. Kitchen
Endorsers in Advertising: The case of negative celebrity information

B.D. Till and T.A. Shimp
A Better Advertising Planning Grid

J.R. Rossiter, L. Percy and R.J. Donovan
The Trouble with Creatives: Negotiating creative identity in advertising agencies

C. Hackley and A.J. Kover
Account Planning: Its history and significance for ad agencies

P. Feldwick
Permission-Based Mobile Advertising

P. Barwise and C. Strong
Volume 2: Advertising Culture
Advertising as Cultural System

J.F. Sherry
The Social Uses of Advertising - An Ethnographic Study of Adolescent Advertising Audiences

M. Ritson and R. Elliott
Red Time is Me Time

L. Stevens, P. Maclaran and S. Brown
I Can't Believe it's Not Bakhtin!: Literary theory, postmodern advertising, and the gender agenda

S. Brown, L. Stevens and P. Maclaran
Asian-Americans: Television advertising and the "Model Minority" stereotype

C.R. Taylor and B.B. Stern
Poststructuralism and the Dialectics of Advertising: Discourse, ideology, resistance

R. Elliott and M. Ritson
Understanding Jingles and Needledrop - A Rhetorical Approach to Music in Advertising

L. Scott
Images of Ourselves - the Good Life in Twentieth Century Advertising

R.W. Belk and R. Pollay
Public Policy Issues in Direct -to Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs

J.E. Calfee
Advertising Uses and Gratifications

S. O'donohoe
Materialism and Status Appeals in Japanese Advertising

R.W. Belk and R. Pollay
Raiding the Postmodern Pantry - Advertising Intertextuality and the Young Adult Audience

S. O'donohoe
The Distorted Mirror: Reflections on the unintended consequences of advertising

R.W. Pollay
Feminist Literary Criticism and the Deconstruction of Ads: A postmodern view of advertising

B.B. Stern
The Panoptic Role of Advertising Agencies in the Production of Consumer Culture

C. Hackley
A Meaning-Based Model of Advertising Experiences

D.G. Mick and Buhl
The Last Straw? Cigarette Advertising and Realized Market Shares among Youths and Adults

R.W. Pollay, S. Siddarth, M. Siegel and A. Haddix
Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall, What's Unfair in the Reflections on Advertising

M.B. Holbrook
Volume 3: Advertising Science
Consumer Research and Semiotics: Exploring the morphology of signs, symbols and significance

D.G. Mick.
A Model for Predictive Measurements of Advertising Effectiveness

R.J. Lavidge and G.A. Steiner
Advertising - Meaning or Information?

G. Mccracken
Information Processing From Advertisements: Toward an integrative framework

D.J. Macinnis and B.J. Jaworski
Effects of Brand Name Suggestiveness on Advertising Recall

K.L. Keller, S.E. Heckler and M.J. Houston
How Advertising Works: What do we really know?

D. Vakratsas and T. Ambler
How Advertising Works: A planning model revisited

R. Vaughn
The Long-Term Impact of Promotion and Advertising on Consumer Brand Choice

C.F. Mela, S. Gupta and D.R. Lehmann
How T.V. Advertising Works: A meta-analysis of 389 real world split cable T.V. advertising experiments

L.M. Lodish, M. Abraham, S. Kalmenson, J.Livelsberger, B. Lubetkin, B. Richardson and M.E. Stevens
Advertising and the Diffusion of New Products

D. Horsky and L.S. Simon
Repetitive Advertising and the Consumer

A. Ehrenberg
50 Years Using the Wrong Model of Advertising

R. Heath and P. Feldwick
How Word-of-Mouth Advertising Works

E. Dichter
From Consumer Response to Active Consumer: Measuring the effectiveness of interactive media

D.W. Stewart and P.A. Pavlou
Impact On 3-D Advertising on Product Knowledge, Brand Attitude, and Purchase Intention: The mediating role of presence

H. Li, T. Daugherty and F. Biocca
Adpuls: An advertising model with wearout and pulsation

H. Simon
A Revised Communication Model for Advertising: Multiple dimensions of the source, the message, and the recipient

B.B. Stern
Media Context and Advertising Effectiveness: The role of context appreciation and context-ad similarity

P. De Pelsmacker, M. Geuens and P. Anckaert
A Review and Critique of the Hierarchy of Effects in Advertising

T.E. Barry and D.J. Howard
Research and the Meaning of Advertising Effectiveness: Mutual misunderstandings

W.A. Cook and A.J. Kover
Brand Advertising and Creative Publicity

A. Ehrenberg, N. Barnard, R. Kennedy and H. Bloom
Agency Beliefs in the Power of Advertising

M.T. Ewing and J.P. Jones

Chris Hackley

Chris Hackley has been Professor of Marketing at Royal Holloway, University of London, since 2004, when he was appointed as the university’s first Chair in Marketing. His PhD from the Department of Marketing at Strathclyde University, Scotland, focused on the creative development process in top advertising agencies. He teaches, researches, writes and consults on topics in advertising, marketing, and consumer cultural policy.   More About Author

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