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Advertising and Promotion

Advertising and Promotion
An Integrated Marketing Communications Approach

Second Edition
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360 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This bestselling text offers a new synthesis of literature, theory, practice, and research in advertising and promotion. It brings together the managerial focus of advertising and agency operations with a consumer cultural focus on the social and ethical role of advertising.

NEW to this edition:

  • A stronger focus on integrated marketing communications and the promotional mix, including PR and personal selling.
  • Coverage of advertising agencies, integrating e-marketing, social media, and mobile advertising.
  • Expanded coverage of contemporary topics, including: new media, the internet, sponsorship, branding, direct marketing, ethics, and social responsibility and regulation.
  • A focus on the implications for advertising of the continuing changes in the media infrastructure and the new media funding models emerging as a result.
  • A website at provides password-protected Instructor Resources including PowerPoint slides and extra case studies, and access to full-text journal articles for students on the open-access Study Student site.

Packed with case studies and first-hand examples gathered from leading international advertising agencies, Chris Hackley succeeds in providing a lively and stimulating introduction to the rapidly evolving advertising environment.

Introducing Advertising and Promotion
Introducing Advertising and Promotion
An Integrated Marketing Communications Approach

Theorizing Advertising and Promotion
The Brand and Integrated Marketing Communications Planning
Advertising Agencies
Creative Work and Management Processes

Promotional Media in the Digital Age
Non-Advertising Promotion in Integrated Marketing Communication
International Advertising
Ethics and Regulation

Advertising Research
Integrating E-Marketing and Advertising


'This book is a well-written and very useful textbook for students of advertising. The book is "written with student needs in mind", and students will definitely get value for money. It offers profound insights into the advertising business from a managerial and a cultural and social perspective, and with its examples, inserts, chapter review questions, case studies and specific case study questions and glossary and website, it should be an excellent textbook for teachers of the subject as well, as they actually have an almost entire semester plan at their hands' -
Martin Nielsen
Corporate Communications: An International Journal

It's a very useful textbook

Dr Hanan Arnous
Department of Marketing, American Univ. of Kuwait
July 10, 2014

A clear introduction to the concept of integrated marketing communications.

Mr Michael Parsons
Faculty of Business and Society, University of South Wales
March 18, 2014

The book was more specific and focused on fewer theories than I needed for my more general class.

Mrs Shannon Padilla
speech, Diablo Valley Clg-Pleasant Hl
March 14, 2014

There are several similar textbooks available and it is difficult to choose between them. I decided in the end on one of the other ones, but the book by Hackley is a substantial introduction to IMC and covers all areas expected with a range of good cases and examples.

Dr Antje Cockrill
School of Business, University of Wales, Trinity St David
March 13, 2014

Our Promotional Media course has no essential text because it assembles critical perspectives of different disciplines - PR, Advertising & Marketing. One of the key themes tackled in our course is the tension brought about by the pressure to 'integrate' the three communicative disciplines under a marketing umbrella. Consequently, this book is not just recommended, but highly recommended, as it fits perfectly with the taught material offered to students. It will also be a highly recommended text when Goldsmiths' current Promotional Media Pathway is converted to a full MA in September 2013.

Dr Clea Bourne
Media and Communication, Goldsmiths College
February 19, 2013

The book provides a succinct overview of marketing communications as a discipline. The overview is clear and is a good introduction or background reading for students studying research practice with the discipline.

Professor Paul Hackett
Marketing Communication Dept, Emerson College
October 13, 2012

Excellent book becxause so few books on Advertising are so up to date

Ms Sharon Mire
Westminster Business School, Westminster University
September 10, 2011

It is an accessible, relatively thorough IMC text that doesn't cost students an arm and a leg.

Mr Bob Fiddler
Center for Continuing and Professional Education, Georgetown University
July 6, 2011

Fresh ideas!!!!!!!

Dr Eleni Tsitsirigou
April 6, 2011

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Chris Hackley

Chris Hackley has been Professor of Marketing at Royal Holloway, University of London, since 2004, when he was appointed as the university’s first Chair in Marketing. His PhD from the Department of Marketing at Strathclyde University, Scotland, focused on the creative development process in top advertising agencies. He teaches, researches, writes and consults on topics in advertising, marketing, and consumer cultural policy.   More About Author

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