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Adventures in Management

Adventures in Management
A Saga of Managing in a Developing Country

© 2007 | 224 pages | SAGE Response
Managing in developing countries is the focus of this book which is based on the premise that managers make things happen and, therefore, it is important to select them properly. The author discusses key areas where management in developing countries differs from that in developed countries, including politics, corruption, social structures and cultural attitudes.

Highlighting these differences, the author explains how to deal with them in order to be able to perform successfully and develop a harmonious environment that works to the advantage of the business and its employees.

Kenneth Abeywickrama’s Adventures in Management is an interesting reflection by a manager-turned-consultant on his professional life. Well worth a read by policy-makers, practitioners, consultants, academics and students.

ASCI Journal of Management

The book is a good way to learn about experiences of senior managers in other countries of the subcontinent.

The Financial Express

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Kenneth Abeywickrama

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