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Adolescent Sexual Behavior and Childbearing

Adolescent Sexual Behavior and Childbearing

December 1992 | 143 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The topic of adolescent pregnancy and childbearing encompasses issues related to sexual activity, development and parenting, each with its own consequences. This volume integrates these issues by examining research from diverse perspectives: the authors discuss the biological, sociocultural and interpersonal forces that impinge on adolescents.

The volume focuses on patterns of sexual activity, contraceptive use, abortion, single-parenthood, adolescent relationships, prenatal care and interventions to prevent unwanted adolescent pregnancies.

Adolescent Pregnancy in the United States
Age of Sexual Onset
Adolescent Sexual Behavior and Contraceptive Use
Its Consequences and Management


Laurie Schwab Zabin

Sarah C. Hayward

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ISBN: 9780803942592