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Addressing Cultural Issues in Organizations

Addressing Cultural Issues in Organizations
Beyond the Corporate Context

Edited by:
  • Robert T. Carter - Teachers College, Columbia University, USA, Warwick University, UK

December 1999 | 312 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Analyzing how unexamined cultural patterns influence an organization's culture, this book provides conceptual models and ideas about how to build practical approaches to organizational interventions.

The contributors focus on the broad issues such as how organizational leaders shape and influence the agenda surrounding culture; cover institutional and organizational issues in corporate, educational, mental health, and service organizations; and discuss various organizational intervention strategies and approaches.

Robert T Carter
Perspectives on Addressing Cultural Issues in Organizations
Clayton P Alderfer
National Culture and the New Corporate Language for Race Relations
Michelle Fine
'Whiting Out' Social Justice
David Thomas and Karen L Proudford
Making Sense of Race Relations in Organizations
Theories for Practice

Linda Darling-Hammond
School Contexts and Learning
Organizational Influences on the Achievement of Color

Nancy Boyd-Franklin
Families in Their Cultural and Multisystemic Contexts
A Lin Goodwin
Teachers as Multi(Cultural) Agents in Schools
Raechele L Pope and Corlisse D Thomas
Cultural Dynamics and Issues in Higher Education
Barbara C Wallace
Mental Health
The Influence of Culture on the Development of Theory and Practice

Vivian Ota Wang
The House of God
The Fallacy of Neutral Universalism in Medicine

Curtis W Branch
And Justice Is Blind (to Race and Ethnicity)
Is That Good?

Samuel D Johnson
Classic Defenses
A Critical Assessment of Ambivalence and Denial in Organizational Leader's Responses to Diversity

Roderick J Watts and Arthur Evans
Enhancing Diversity Climate in Community Organizations
Evangelina Holvino
Social Diversity in Social Change Organizations
Standpoint Learnings for Organizational Consulting

Thomas Gallagher
Building Institutional Capacity to Address Cultural Differences
Robert T Carter and Leah M DeSole
Cultural Issues in Organizations
Summary and Conclusions


Robert T. Carter

Robert T. Carter, Ph.D. is Professor of Psychology and Education, Chair of the Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology, and Director of training of the Counseling Psychology Program at Teachers College, Columbia university. Dr. Carter is known internationally for his work on Black and White racial identity. He has published in the areas of psychotherapy processes and outcome, career development, cultural values, racial identity issues, educational achievements and equality in education through the lens of racial identity. He has been retained to consult as organizational, legal and educational issues associated with race and... More About Author

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