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Acute and Critical Care in Adult Nursing

Acute and Critical Care in Adult Nursing

232 pages | Learning Matters
The assessment and management of patients who are critically or acutely ill, or showing signs of clinical deterioration, is a crucial nursing skill. This book will help adult nursing students to competently manage care of critically and acutely ill patients, and to recognize and deal with the early signs of deterioration. The book takes a practical real-life approach to care, with each chapter focusing on patients with specific problems, then interweaving the knowledge and skills needed to care for that patient, including the nurse's role and responsibilities, assessment, diagnosis, planning, and management skill, related pathophysiology and collaborative team working.
Desiree Tait
Assessing, Recognising and Responding to Acute and Critical Illness
Jane James with Julie Wickland
The Breathless Patient
Desiree Tait
The Patient Who Needs Respiratory Support
David Barton with Thomas Barton
The Patient with Chest Pain
Catherine Williams with Susan Salerno
The Patient in Pain
Desiree Tait with Bethan James
The Patient in Shock
Desiree Tait with Sandra Miles
The Patient with Sepsis and Distributive Shock
Desiree Tait with Julie Wickland
The Patient with Acute Confusion or Delirium
Jane James with Sandra Miles
The Patient with Altered Consciousness
Catherine Williams with Susan Salerno
The Patient with Physiological Trauma
Desiree Tait with Bethan James
Patients and Relatives with Psychological Trauma
Desiree Tait
Conclusion: Lessons Learned - An Action Plan for Practice

This book is a great resource for all nurses regardless of level of knowledge or experience. It provides indepth information on what to assess, how to assess and what action to take in easy to understand language. This therefore open the book to pre-registration nursing students accross all years but essentially in the third year prior to qualification.

Mr Sean Thomas Baker
Faculty of Health & Social Care, Chester University
July 30, 2015

A great resource for enhancing decision-making skills

Mrs Tricia Kydd
School of Nursing & Midwifery, Dundee University
July 6, 2015

Excellent resource for second year students to increase knowledge base

Mrs Beryl Cooledge
School of Healthcare Sciences, Bangor University
March 23, 2015

Clear and well presented book useful for students on pre registration nursing degree

Heulwen Morgan-Samuel
Please select your department, Please select your institution
July 7, 2014

A very useful overview of key topics in acute and critical care. An excellent text that has been adopted for a year three pre-registration module. Not adopted for the post-registration Health Assessment module as more in-depth subject knowledge is required.

Miss Tara Meredith
School of Nursing and Midwifery, Keele University
June 22, 2014

This is an excellent book for students undergoing critical care placements and OSCE's.

Annabelle Barrand
Nursing Department, Bedfordshire University
April 9, 2014

Good introductory text, recommended to students and several copies ordered for the library. Nicely set out in case study format. Simple to understand but also reasonably detailed. Suitable for pre-registration learners with limited experience of critical care.

Ms Deborah Briggs
Faculty of Health & Social Care, Hull University
April 8, 2014

A very useful introductory book on acute and critical care of the adult patient.

Ms Chioma Onyedinma-Ndubueze
Adult Nursing, London South Bank University
November 25, 2013

Good book that covers the basic requirements of the acutely ill patient and is presented in a very accessible style.

Maggie Tarling
Florence Nightingale School of Nursing, King's College London
August 15, 2013

Recommended to students as it supports the current course

Mrs Sue Cresswell
Faculty of Health & Life Sciences, Coventry University
June 29, 2013

Desiree Tait

Desi Tait is senior lecturer and Year leader for BSc Nursing in the Faculty for Health and Social Care at Bournemouth University. Desi has over 30 years experience in the practice, theory and education of adult acute and critical care nursing and facilitates critical care education at both undergraduate and post graduate levels. She has a particular interest in the use of blended learning strategies in critical care undergraduate education and is involved in developing and evaluating innovative ways to facilitate student learning by adopting a practice based approach to education. Desi completed her doctorate in the study of nurses’... More About Author

Jane James

Jane James is a Senior Lecturer, module leader for acute care and Admissions Tutor in Adult Nursing at the College of Human and Health Sciences, Swansea University. Jane's nursing career began in 1980, working in critical care and medical nursing. Her main role as a nurse tutor is in pre-registration nursing, supporting students throughout the adult programme. She has a particular involvement in clinical skills, with an emphasis on simulation and practical scenarios, and she is also module leader for specialised adult practice. She is also involved in post-registration teaching in critical care and discharge planning; and acts as... More About Author

Catherine Williams

Catherine Williams is the programme Director for undergraduate nursing at the  College of Human and Health Sciences, and has over 14  years’ experience in the practice, theory and education of postgraduate and undergraduate level. More About Author

Dave Barton

David Barton is now retired and was formerly Associate Professor and Academic Lead in the Department of Nursing, School of Human & Health Science, Swansea University. David qualified as an RGN at Kings College Hospital and then specialised in critical care nursing. He worked in Intensive Care in both Carmarthen and Swansea before becoming a Nurse Lecturer at the University of Wales Swansea in 1989. David’s academic and scholarly interests have focused particularly on advanced clinical nursing and he has worked to develop nursing networks in Wales and the UK. He is the Chair of the Association of Advanced Nursing Practice Educators ... More About Author