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Action Research in Education

Action Research in Education

Three Volume Set
Edited by:

June 2010 | 1 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Action Research in Education traces the evolution of classroom research as it connects to curriculum, pedagogy, and professional practice in schools. It includes an original introduction by the editors that makes the argument for the selection of each piece and shows where each sits in the field.

The first volume traces the focus for classroom research from curriculum development in the 1970s and 1980s to professional development and learning and teaching in the 1990s to the present day. The editors draw on the range of work that has evolved from Dewey's concept of democracy related to research on teaching through Lewin's advocacy of research needed for social practice and which gave voice to the concept of action research.

The second volume takes up major methodological issues by drawing on critiques of action inquiry while also seeking to further illuminate matters in relation to the construction of professional knowledge and professional agency. This volume turns to specific methodological approaches that have emancipatory characteristics, including narrative inquiry, hermeneutics, and self study. It also considers major questions in relation to risk and trust and the ethical issues that surround classroom research.

The third volume draws on major research projects focusing on classrooms from the 1970s to the present day. This volume breaks new ground by bringing together very recent work on the engagement of consequential stakeholders (students, community members, etc.) in the conduct of action inquiry, moving from consultation to active participation.

Why Action Research?

Mary Brydon-Miller, Davydd Greenwood and Patricia Maguire
Mapping the Field of Practitioner Research, Inquiry and Professional Learning

Anne Campbell and Olwen McNamara
Relationships of Knowledge and Practice: Teacher learning in communities

Marilyn Cochran-Smith and Susan Lytle
Democracy and Education

John Dewey
The Teacher Research Movement: A decade later

Marilyn Cochran-Smith and Susan Lytle
What is Evidence-Based Education?

Philip Davies
Making Evidence-Based Practice Educational

John Elliott
Building Educational Theory through Action Research

John Elliott
People's Spaces in Global Processes: The response of the local

Orlando Fals Borda
Connecting Action Research to Genuine Teacher Development

Jennifer Gore and Ken Zeichner
The Knowledge Creating School

David Hargreaves
The Use of Research to Improve Practice: A systematic review of the literature

Jane Hemsley-Brown and Caroline Sharp
Between a Rock and a (Very) Hard Place: The ambiguous promise of action research in the context of state mandated teacher professional development

Mary-Lee and George Richardson
Action Research and Minority Problems

Kurt Lewin
Constructing a Territory for Professional Practice Research: Some introductory considerations

Ian Macpherson, Ross Brooker, Tania Aspland and Eve Cuskelly
Professional, Personal and Political Dimensions of Action Research

Susan Noffke
Action Research in Education: Addressing gaps in ethical principles and practices

Amanda Nolen and Jim Vander Putten
Explorations in Teaching and Learning: A biographical narrative and some enduring issues

Andrew Pollard
Action Research in Singapore Education: Constraints and sustainability

Hairon Salleh
Research as a Basis for Teaching

Lawrence Stenhouse
What Counts as Research?

Lawrence Stenhouse
Practitioner Research

Ken Zeichner and Susan Noffke
Accumulating Knowledge Across Self-Studies in Teacher Education

Ken Zeichner
The New Paradigm Wars: Is there room for rigorous practitioner knowledge in schools and universities?

Gary Anderson and Kathryn Herr
Educational Research: The hardest science of all

David Berliner
Guidelines for Quality in Autobiographical Forms of Self-Study Research

Robert Bullough, Jr and Stefinee Pinnegar
Action Research as Critical Educational Science

Wilfred Carr and Stephen Kemmis
Teacher Development Partnership Research: A focus on methods and issues

Ardra Cole and J. Gary Knowles
Stories of Experience and Narrative Inquiry

F. Michael Connelly and D. Jean Clandinin
Validity and Quality in Self-Study

Allan Feldman
Linking Practice-Sensitive Researchers to Research-Sensitive Practitioners

Bernard Gifford and Nina Gabelko
Action Research: A contradiction in terms

Martyn Hammersley
Participatory Action Research: Communicative action and the public sphere

Stephen Kemmis and Robin McTaggart
Participatory Teacher Development At Schools: Processes and issues

Mary Koutselini
How Should Research Contribute to Instructional Improvement? The case of lesson study

Catherine Lewis, Rebecca Parry and Aki Murata
Action Research

Susan Noffke and Bridget Somekh
Comments on Bulterman-Bos: Research relevancy or research for change?

Susan Noffke
Generalisation: The linchpin of evidence-based practice

Jill Robinson and Nigel Norris
Expressions of Excellence and the Assessment of Applied and Practice Based Research

Alis Oancea and John Furlong
From Technical Rationality to Reflection-in-Action

Donald Schön
Teachers' Work and the Politics of Reflection

John Smyth
Professional Learning that Makes a Difference: Successful strategies implemented by priority action schools in New South Wales

Beveridge, Susan Groundwater-Smith, Stephen Kemmis and Dianne Wasson
Action Research in Practice: Critical literacy in an urban grade 3 classroom

Karyn Cooper and Robert White
Inquiring Minds Want To Know: Action research at a New York City professional development school

Margaret Crocco, Bayard Faithfull and Sherry Schwartz
Supporting Professional Learning through Action Research: Three case studies

John Elliott
Transformative Approaches to Student Voice: Theoretical underpinnings, recalcitrant realities

Michael Fielding
Final Report of Evaluative Inquiry into the Sustainability of Professional Learning Through School-based Action Learning Sydney and Wollongong Universities for AGQTP NSW - April 2005 2 Executive Summary and Case Study

Garry Hoban, Tony Herrington, Lisa Kervin, Robyn Ewing, Judy Anderson and David Smith
Learning to Learn with Parents: Lessons from two research projects

Elaine Hall, Kate Wall, Steve Higgins, Linda Stephens, Irene Pooley and John Welham
Learning How to Learn in Classrooms, Schools and Networks: Aims, designs analysis

Mary James, Paul Black, Robert McCormick, David Pedder and Dylan Wiliam
Activities Using Collaborative Teacher Research to Determine the Impact of Professional Development School Activities on Elementary Students' Math and Writing Outcomes

Stephanie Knight, Donna Wiseman and Donna Cooner
Just Showing Up: Supporting early literacy through teachers' professional communities

Gloria Ladson-Billings and Mary Louise Gomez
Looking at Student Work for Teacher Learning, Teacher Community and School Reform

Judith Warren Little, Maryl Gearhart, Marnie Curry and Judith Kafka
Race, Narrative Inquiry and Self-Study in Curriculum and Teacher Education

H. Richard Milner
The UK's Teaching and Learning Research Programme: Findings and significance

Andrew Pollard
Developing a Pedagogy of Opportunity for Students and Their Teachers: Navigations and negotiations in insider action research

Sharon Ravitch and Kathleen Wirth
Enabling Students to Participate In School Improvement through a Students as Researchers Programme

Amanda Roberts and Judith Nash
Participant Knowledge and the Meeting of Practitioner and Researcher

Karin Rönnerman
Learning and Teaching Participation through Action Research: Experiences from an innovative masters programme

Peter Taylor and Jethro Pettit
Teachers in Action Research: Assumptions and potentials

Yuen-Ling Li
Listening to Teachers - Listening to Students: Substantive conversations about resistance, empowerment and engagement

David Zyngier

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1: Why Action Research?

Anne Campbell

Anne is Professor of Professional Learning at Leeds Metropolitan University. More About Author

Susan Groundwater-Smith

Susan Groundwater-Smith is Honorary Professor, Faculty of Education and Social Work, The University of Sydney and Visiting Professor, Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research, University of Waikato. She has had an extensive career in teacher education, especially in relation to teachers-as-researchers, see Groundwater-Smith, S., Mitchell, J., Mockler, N., Ponte, P. & Ronnerman, K. (2013) Facilitating Practitioner Research. London: Routledge. She is the convener of the Coalition of Knowledge Building Schools, a Special Interest Group in the Faculty of Education and Social work. This group has functioned for over ten years and... More About Author

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