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Action Research for New Teachers

Action Research for New Teachers
Evidence-Based Evaluation of Practice

First Edition

March 2017 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Action research is a popular part of many teacher training courses, but understanding how to do it well isn’t always straightforward. Action Research for New Teachers breaks the process down into small steps giving you concise, jargon-free guidance on all the issues and key considerations that you will need to tackle. It focuses on being evidence-based, encouraging you to produce evidence-rich research projects that are methodologically sound and stand up to scrutiny. This book takes you through the initial stages of planning and research design, engages with the complexities of data collection, and gives you advice on analyzing your data and writing up your research project.
Chapter 1: Introduction
Part One: Planning and preparing for your action research project
Chapter 2: Identifying a focus for your action research project
Chapter 3: Defining clear enquiry objectives
Chapter 4: Engaging with the literature
Chapter 5: Considering ethical issues
Chapter 6: Planning to gather data
Part Two: Undertaking your action research project
Chapter 7: Ethics in action
Chapter 8: ‘Capturing’ your evidence
Chapter 9: Evaluating as you go
Part Three: Writing your action research project report
Chapter 10: Writing the introduction to your action research report
Chapter 11: Writing the literature review
Chapter 12: Writing the enquiry design or research plan
Chapter 13: Writing the implementation and analysis section
Chapter 14: Writing the conclusion to your action research report
Chapter 15: Conclusion

A book that really focuses on, and is tailored specifically to, the needs of new teachers, presenting the research process in a clear, logical format and showing how research can be used to improve classroom practice in an achievable way.  It makes action research uncomplicated, accessible and doable, even for busy teachers.

Alison Hooper
Assistant Head, Queen Elizabeth School

There are many books out there on action research and for the uninitiated trainee, they are a minefield. This book gets to the crux of what they need to know and how to go about it.  It gets away from the idea that the trainees need to experiment with their pupils and focuses on improving their teaching.  It also tackles gaming your research to show improvement.  The stages of research, and identifying pitfalls make this book a straight forward guide to aid trainees completing action research in the classroom.

Lorraine Smith
Programme Leader and Senior Lecturer, University of Greenwich

A useful accessible book and one liked by the students - thanks

Dr Dean-David Holyoake
Nursing (Burton), Wolverhampton University
January 13, 2020

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Action Research for New Teachers - Chapter 1

Colin Forster

Much to the surprise of anyone who meets him now, when he was a young man, Colin Forster spent two years working as an outdoor activities instructor and it was during this time that he developed an interest in education.  He began his primary teaching career in south west London before moving to Gloucestershire, where he continued to gain school leadership experience.  He is currently a senior lecturer in primary education at the University of Gloucestershire, where he has gained considerable experience of primary teacher education course leadership and in supporting students, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, with... More About Author

Rachel Eperjesi

Rachel Eperjesi knew she wanted to be a teacher from the age of 5.  However, some rather poor careers advice led her to embark on a medical degree, which quickly resulted in her declaring it 'too messy' and she decided to follow her heart into teaching instead.  After completing a BEd Hons, Rachel taught in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 (also quite messy) in Gloucestershire, as well as undertaking English consultancy for the local authority.  She now works at the University of Gloucestershire, lecturing in primary English and professional studies, as well as currently leading the School Direct PGCE Primary course. Rachel... More About Author

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