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Across the Wires

Across the Wires
How refugee stories get told

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March 2015 | SAGE Publications Ltd

From refugee camps around the world, are the stories that the world hears anything like the life inside? How camps become cities themselves and new technology creates communication structures that helps residents keep in touch with their families inside and outside. Essays from Turkish novelist Elif Shafak, Chilean-American playwright Ariel Dorfman and co-creator of TV series Father Ted Arthur Matthews. Other writers include novelist Tim Finch, digital guru Martha Lane Fox and retired major general Tim Cross, along with cartoons, graphic arts and new poetry.

Rachael Jolley
Part I: Special report Across the wires: how refugee stories get told
Fabrizio Gatti
Undercover immigrant
Almir Koldzic and Áine O’brien
Taking control of the camera
Valentino Achak Deng
Lost boy found
Kate Maltby
Playing with perceptions
Preti Taneja
Speak the speech, I pray you
Rana Moneim and Mohammed Maarouf
The way I see it
Can we be friends with the people we grew up to hate?
Jason Daponte
Clear connections
Mary Mitchell
Who tells the stories?
Mohammed Al Assad
I think about when I will be a human with rights
Iara Beekma
Realities of the promised land
Sergo Pierre Louis
I am no longer homeless, but I work without pay
Chris Steele-Perkins
The whole picture
Martin Rowson
Ismail Einashe
Escape from Eritrea
Olivier Kugler
A very human picture
Tim Finch
In limbo in world’s oldest refugee camps
Rachael Jolley
Sound and fury
Natasha Joseph
Sheltering from resentment
Kao Kalia Yang
Understanding how language matters
Jodie Ginsberg
Global view
Part II: In focus
Alan Maryon-Davis
Outbreaks under wraps
César Muñoz Acebes
Trade secrets
Duncan Tucker
Black hole for reporting
Nina Lakhani
Lies and statistics
Arthur Mathews, Ariel Dorfman, David Edgar, Elif Shafak, Hannah Leung, Raymond Louw, Richard Sambrook
Charlie Hebdo: taking the long view
Jemimah Steinfeld
Screened shots
Risto Uimonen
Finland of the free
Paul Connolly
Opinion: Could the UK match Finland’s success?
Martha Lane Fox and Tim Cross
Head to head: Is privacy more vital than national security?
Part III: Culture
Kaya Genç
The state v the poets
Lucien Bourjeily
Knife edge
Aimée Hamilton
Index around the world
Vicky Baker
Social disturbance

Rachael Jolley