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Abortion and American Politics

Abortion and American Politics

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382 pages | CQ Press
'''''Although it almost certainly won't get much credit for it, this is a near-perfect example of that rara avis, the impartial report on a white-hot public issue. Each chapter is full of meanigful quotation and value-neutral elucidation, and each is written in a rainwater-clear prose that makes the book nonpareil for learning what, in terms of law and public policy, abortion in the U.S. is all about.'''''ûáALA Booklist''

Barbara Hinkson Craig

David M. O'Brien

David M. O’Brien is the Leone Reaves and George W. Spicer Professor at the University of Virginia. Prior to teaching at the University of Virginia, he taught at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and the University of Puget Sound, where he was chairman of the Department of Politics. He served as a research associate in the Office of the Administrative Assistant to the Chief Justice and, in 1982–1983, as a judicial fellow at the Supreme Court. He also has been a visiting fellow at the Russell Sage Foundation in New York (1981–1982); has been a Fulbright lecturer in constitutional studies at Oxford University, England (1987–1988);... More About Author