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A World of Giant Cities

A World of Giant Cities
The Metropolis Era

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February 1988 | 400 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Metropolis Era, a two volume set, focuses on the social, economic, political and technological determinants of growth and change in the great cities of the world. Volume One examines the paradoxical phenomenon of explosive growth of giant cities in the Third World - and the steady deconcentration of population in more developed countries. A World of Giant Cities looks at cities in the United States, Europe, China, India, South East Asia and Africa.
Luis Ramallo
Mattei Dogan and John D Kasarda
How Giant Cities Will Multiply and Grow

Mattei Dogan
Giant Cities as Maritime Gateways
John D Kasarda
Economic Restructuring and America's Urban Dilemma
Manuel Castells
High Technology and Urban Dynamics in the United States
Peter Hall
Urban Growth and Decline in Western Europe
Jürgen Friedrichs
Large Cities in Eastern Europe
Yue-Man Yeung
Great Cities of Eastern Asia
Sidney Goldstein
Levels of Urbanization in China
Xiangming Chen
Giant Cities of the Urban Hierarchy in China
Hans Nagpaul
India's Giant Cities
Dennis A Rondinelli
Giant and Secondary City Growth in Africa
Guillermo Geisse and Francisco Sabatini
Latin American Cities and Their Poor
Ignacy Sachs
Vulnerability of Giant Cities and the Life Lottery
Henry Teune
Growth and Pathologies of Giant Cities

Mattei Dogan

John Kasarda

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