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A Very Unusual Journey Into Play

A Very Unusual Journey Into Play

April 2022 | 152 pages | Corwin UK

Why do children need play?


Play has the very real power to transform children’s lives. It has a unique and profound impact on the neurological, emotional and physical development and wellbeing of children - from therapeutic play and overcoming anxiety, to positive behaviour, mental health and even life expectancy. This book brings together two hot topics - play and neuroscience – breaking them down in an accessible way and offering a new perspective and voice on the topic of play. Weaving theory and practical examples together, and based on over 30 years’ experience of working with children, Ben presents a compelling argument that play is not merely an optional extra to childhood but a vital developmental process and one of the most important things a child ever does. 

Chapter 1 “Why Do Children Skip?” -Play as an Evolutionary Survival Process
Chapter 2 “Stop Being a Pirate and Come and Do Your Homework!”- Play as the Key Criteria for Healthy Brain Growth
Chapter 3 “Feathers, Bald Heads and Gloopy Glue!” - Play as the Most Powerful Healing Process for Children’s Emotional Well-Being
Chapter 4 “Dragons Don’t Eat Peas” - Play as What Makes Us Truly Human Unlocking Imagination and Creativity in a Way That No Other Animal on the Planet Is Capable Of
Chapter 5 Crocodiles, Danger and Certain Death (Well Mild Bumps and Bruises) – The Inestimable Importance of Risky Challenging Play
Chapter 6 “Get That off Your Head You’ll Mess Your Hair Up!” - The Catastrophic Effects of Play Deprivation
Chapter 7 “Peow, Peow, Peow, Click” - Play as Positive Behaviour or How to Support Children to Fulfil Their Play Potential
Chapter 8 “How Did You Used to Play Grandma?” Play for the Future of Humanity

Ben Kingston-Hughes

 Ben Kingston-Hughes is an international keynote speaker, writer and multi award-winning trainer. He is also the Managing Director of Inspired Children and has worked with vulnerable children across the UK for over 30 years. He has appeared on television several times working on a variety of children’s projects and his distinctive blend of humour, neuroscience and real-life practical experiences have made his training invaluable for anyone working with children. His finest moment though, was when a group of reception children named their class frog after him. More About Author

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