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A Textbook of Microeconomic Theory

A Textbook of Microeconomic Theory

First Edition

484 pages | SAGE India

A comprehensive analysis of the theoretical tools and real world applications of microeconomics

This book covers all the significant topics in modern microeconomics: demand and the theory of the consumer, including applications and extensions; theory of the firm; production, cost and supply; partial equilibrium theory of markets; general equilibrium and welfare economics; uncertainty and information; and market imperfections, including monopoly, oligopoly, externalities and public goods.

Key Features

·         Accessible and reader-friendly approach

·         Coverage of basic and modern aspects of each topic

·         Graphical and algebraic expositions throughout

·         Special emphasis on policy applications

·         Full treatment of corner solutions

·         Use of calculus throughout

·         Rich pedagogical elements, including examples and end-of-chapter exercises

Introduction to Microeconomic Theory
Theory of Consumer Behavior
Applications of Consumer Theory
Extensions of Consumer Theory
Production, Cost, and Supply
Markets in Partial Equilibrium
General Equilibrium and Welfare Economics
Uncertainty and Information
Monopoly and Market Power
The Theory of Games
Market Structures between Competition and Monopoly
Externalities and Public Goods
Answers to Chapter-end Exercises

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Pankaj Tandon

Pankaj Tandon is an associate professor of economics at Boston University. He received his PhD degree in economics from Harvard University in the year 1979. He is a graduate of St Stephen’s College and the Delhi School of Economics, where he was the gold medalist in 1973. He has been teaching at Boston University since 1978, where he has won two teaching awards. His main areas of interest are microeconomic theory, cost-benefit analysis, economics of public enterprise, economics of technological change, mathematical methods for economists, economic statistics, economics of information, international economics and economics of less developed... More About Author