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A Space of Her Own

A Space of Her Own
Personal Narratives of Twelve Women

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Leela Gulati - Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum, India
  • Jasodhara Bagchi - Former Chairperson, West Bengal Commission for Women, Kolkata

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Women's Studies

March 2005 | 275 pages | SAGE India
Focusing on relationships between women of different generations in India, this book comprises of narratives demonstrating how each contributor established her own personhood through engagement with a wider kin group.

Did the women portrayed in the narratives find space for themselves within orthodox structures? Or, were they so constrained by the social roles of the greatest importance to their families - as wives and mothers - that ending these roles meant some kind of death? How did their lives mould those of the narrators of these life histories?

Showing that women need not always be seen as victims, these are stories of women who found strength, success and independence from the inspiring lives of their mothers and grandmothers.


Carolyn M Elliott
The Wind Beneath My Wings

Nabaneeta Dev Sen
A Heritage of Heresy within Tradition

Vina Mazumdar
A Daughter of Awadh

Zarina Bhatty
A Struggle for Space

Hema Sundaram
The Tyranny of Tradition

Leela Gulati
Wings Come to Those who Fly

Maithreyi Krishna Raj
The Times that are A-Changing

Priti T Desai
Uneven Earth and Open Sky

Saroja Kamakshi
Abode of Colour

Vijaya Mehta
Striking New Roots

Sushil Narulla
Matriliny within Patriliny

Jasodhara Bagchi
Three Generations of Women

Mary Roy
Afterword: The Colonised Coloniser

Arlie Hochschild
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"What impresses me the most about these narratives is the perceptiveness, emotional depth, and openness of personal feelings they display. The volume makes engrossing reading, is thematically well integrated, and provides abundant food for thought."

Sylvia Vatuk
University of Illinois at Chicago

Leela Gulati

Leela Gulati was born in Mysore, India. She grew up in Baroda and was educated at the Maharaja Sayajirao University, where she began her teaching career. Later on she moved to Trivandrum and was associated with the Centre for Development Studies. Lately she has been working on the female dimension of ageing and widowhood. In recent years her focus has been on architecture and is closely working with the Laurie Baker Centre to pursue her architectural passion.Most of her earlier work focused on the issues of women, work and poverty, and she has tried to use the tools of the anthropologist to understand economic questions. She is known for... More About Author

Jasodhara Bagchi

Jasodhara Bagchi was an independent scholar, formerly Chairperson of the West Bengal Commission for Women and Director, School of Women’s Studies, Jadavpur University; also Professor of English, Jadavpur University; considered to be a pioneering scholar of women’s studies. Among her books with Stree: Loved and Unloved: The Girl Child in the Family (1997); with Subhoranjan Dasgupta, The Trauma and the Triumph: Gender and Partition in the Easter Region, 2 vols (2006, 2009); Karmakshetre Jouno Henasthar Mokabilye Ain Byabohaer Nirdeshika (How to handle sexual harassment in the workplace); with SAGE: Changing Status of Women in West Bengal,... More About Author

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