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A Short Introduction to Counselling Psychology

A Short Introduction to Counselling Psychology

December 2008 | 144 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
A Short Introduction to Counselling Psychology brings together a wide range of relevant information on the theory and practice of counseling psychology, written through the lens of direct practitioner experience and incorporating a global perspective.

This accessible text provides concrete information on historical developments in the field as a whole, on training requirements and paths, on careers and domains of practice, and on the kinds of tasks and challenges that practitioners deal with in different settings. The authors also offer views on current and potential cutting-edge issues for the professional field of counseling psychology.

The text covers:
  • The social and historical context of counseling psychology
  • Philosophical considerations in counseling psychology
  • The professional knowledge base of counseling psychology
  • Professional training in counseling psychology
  • Careers and practice in counseling psychology
  • Debates and challenges for counseling psychologists
  • A resources section for readers

A Short Introduction to Counselling Psychology will be of special interest to current and potential students who are considering a career in counseling psychology and to professionals involved in the training and supervision of counseling psychologists. As an up-to-date review of professional developments both in relation to the field of counseling psychology and also more broadly, senior practitioners should welcome this resource as a reference covering all aspects of the present professional setting.
Social and Historical Context of Counselling Psychology
Counselling Psychology in the Family of Applied Psychologies
The Professional Knowledge Base of Counselling Psychology
Professional Training in Counselling Psychology
Careers and Practice in Counselling Psychology
Professional Developments in Counselling Psychology
Debates and Challenges for Counselling Psychologists

Clearly written, accessible to students and includes key concepts.

Dr Helen Nicholas
Institute of Health & Society, Worcester University
August 22, 2016

If you want Counselling Psychology in a nutshell this is a brilliant brief introduction.

Ms Malin Sellden
Department of Psychology, London Metropolitan Uni (City Campus)
July 24, 2015

Orlans and Van Scoyoc’s ‘ A Short Introduction to Counselling Psychology’ provides a succinct yet thorough theoretical and practice-based account of what counselling psychology is and the activities that counselling psychologists engage in as professionals. This text is particularly useful for individuals who are considering further applied psychology training following their undergraduate degree or counselling qualifications. The chapter on ‘Careers and Practice in Counselling Psychology’ provides readers with information regarding different employment opportunities and sectors in which counselling psychologists practice; here, the brief vignettes are revealing and engaging, highlighting the myriad influences of counselling psychology across varied organisations. The chapter on ‘The Social and Historical Context of Counselling Psychology’ includes data regarding counselling psychology in the UK and USA. This chapter also considers how counselling psychology has developed in other countries across the globe. The chapters on ‘The Professional Knowledge Base of Counselling Psychology’ and ‘Philosophical Considerations in Counselling Psychology’ attend to diverse theoretical concepts and therapeutic paradigms that influence and shape the discipline; these chapters provide the reader with the opportunity to grapple with and consider issues relating to the scientist-practitioner model and reflexive practice, amongst others. In sum, this book’s length belies its depth and it serves as a useful reference for counselling psychology trainees, professionals and tutors.

Marta Sant
Department of Psychology, London Metropolitan Uni (City Campus)
August 12, 2013

already given

Dr Glynis Van Der Hoek
Kedleston Road Campus, Derby University
September 10, 2010

A good concise introduction to the profession

Ms Jane Keeton
Psychology , Wolverhampton University
May 11, 2010

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Vanja Orlans

Susan Van Scoyoc

I have been in continuous practice since 1981. I run an active private practice from my London and Burnham locations. I provide therapy for clients, training for other psychologists, work within my professional division, and provide expert witness services for solicitors, county councils, tribunals, Crown Prosecution, and the courts. I have particular interests in women's issues, human rights, the use of psychometric tests, relationships within families and with children, post traumatic stress, and false claims (malingering). As a health psychologist, I have an interest and expertise in health matters including pain management, chronic... More About Author

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