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A Resilient Asia Amidst Global Financial Crisis

A Resilient Asia Amidst Global Financial Crisis
From Crisis Management to Global Leadership

First Edition
Edited by:

April 2010 | 456 pages | SAGE India

This book is based on the papers presented and discussions held at a high-level regional workshop organized by the Asian Development Bank in January 2010 to discuss the impact of the global economic and financial crisis on developing Asia. It provides a clear and thought-provoking analysis of the global economic crisis from the perspective of 19 Asian countries.

The papers present concrete ways in which Asian economies and financial systems can be made more responsive and resilient. The book proposes that Asian economies can capitalize on the global economic crisis by using it as an opportunity to move from crisis management to gradually assuming global economic leadership. It spells out a general framework for strengthening recovery efforts, ensuring inclusive growth and open regionalism, rebalancing Asia's growth model, and creating greater regional cooperation for a prosperous and resilient Asia.

This is perhaps the first ever book in the market to undertake an in-depth discussion about the impact and the long-term implications of the global financial crisis on economies in Asia.

Haruhiko Kuroda
Foreword C Rangarajan
Harinder S Kohli
Opening Address
Opening Address
Global Economic and Financial Crisis: Genesis and global response

Andrew Sheng
Global Economic and Financial Crisis: Impact on Developing Asia and Policy

Responses Manu Bhaskaran and Ritwick Ghosh
Impact and Policy Responses: People's republic of China

Manu Bhaskaran and Ritwick Ghosh
Impact and Policy Responses: Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand

Manu Bhaskaran and Ritwick Ghosh
Impact and Policy Responses: India

Manu Bhaskaran, Harinder S Kohli, and Ritwick Ghosh
Impact and Policy Responses: Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, and Maldives

Manu Bhaskaran and Ritwick Ghosh
Impact and Policy Responses: Pakistan and Afghanistan

Manu Bhaskaran and Ritwick Ghosh
Impact and Policy Responses: The Caucasus, Central Asia, and Mongolia

Pradeep K Mitra
Social Impact of the Crisis on the Asian Emerging Markets: Globalization, social protection, and informal employment

Suman Bery
A Short Perspective from UNICEF

Colin Davis
A Short Perspective from the International Social Security Association

Corazon de la Paz-Bernardo
Lessons of the Crisis and Long-term Implications: Reinforcing resilience and rethinking the growth model

Manu Bhaskaran, Harinder S Kohli, and Ritwick Ghosh
Longer Term Implications: Regional Coordination and Cooperation

Rajat M Nag
Haruhiko Kuroda

The format of the book is unique in the sense that it does not rely solely on research paper…the book is different from many existing books in this area…it not only provides a specific discourse on the condition of emerging markets in Asia in the GFC [Global Financial Crisis] context but also provides flexibility in terms of format of the book for a reader to comprehend the issue fully.

The Journal of Entrepreneurship,
Volume 26 (Issue 1), March 2017

Harinder S. Kohli

Harinder S. Kohli is the Founding Director and Chief Executive of the Emerging Markets Forum as well as Founding Director, President, and CEO of Centennial Group International, both based in Washington, DC. He is the Editor of Global Journal of Emerging Markets Economies. Prior to starting his current ventures, he served over 25 years in various senior managerial positions at the World Bank. He has written extensively on the emergence of Asia, Latin America, Africa, and other emerging market economies, financial development, private capital flows, and infrastructure. He is an author and co-editor of India 2039: An Affluent Society in One... More About Author

Ashok Sharma

Ashok Sharma is the Senior Director of Asian Development Bank’s Office of Regional Economic Integration. He is the chair of the community of practice for regional cooperation and co-chairs the community of practice for finance of ADB. He also served as Senior Advisor of the South Asia Department of ADB and Director of Financial Sector, Public Management and Trade Division of South Asia Department. He has worked extensively on project and knowledge products on financial sector development, fiscal and governance reforms, infrastructure financing, and enabling public-private partnerships. He is the co-editor of “A Resilient Asia Amidst Global... More About Author

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