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A Psychologist’s guide to EEG

A Psychologist’s guide to EEG
The electric study of the mind

328 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Do you want to learn to read people’s minds?

In this student-friendly, practice-focussed textbook on EEG and biosignal analysis, you will learn how to:

·       Implement your experiment in E-Prime, PsychoPy, or OpenSesame;

·       Run your study in the psychophysiological laboratory;

·       Analyse data in MATLAB by following simple steps.

This textbook follows a unique approach by guiding you through a single EEG study, each part introducing the relevant core knowledge and commonly available software. Practical exercises help you master the skills to independently implement every aspect of an experiment, from setting up the lab to analysing the data. Suitable for developing both basic levels of skill for undergraduates as well as advancing towards a stronger command of analysis and understanding at postgraduate level.

Michiel Spapé is a Lecturer and Researcher in Psychology at the University of Helsinki.

Chapter 1: EEG in Theory
Chapter 2: Design Your Experiment
Chapter 3: Develop Your Experiment in E-Prime
Chapter 4: Develop Your Experiment in OpenSesame
Chapter 5: Lab Life: EEG Equipment, Hardware and Software
Chapter 6: Lab Life: EEG Equipment and Dealing with People
Chapter 7: Preprocessing EEG: Importing, Referencing, Filtering
Chapter 8: Further Processing of EEG: Artefact Rejection and Correction
Chapter 9: Looking at Brainwaves: Data Visualisation
Chapter 10: A Study of Many Brainwaves: Grand Average Analysis
Chapter 11: Inferential Statistics and Reporting Results
Chapter 12: Concluding and Discussing Research

Michiel Spapé

Michiel Spapé is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki. More About Author