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A History of Adivasi Women in Post-Independence Eastern India

A History of Adivasi Women in Post-Independence Eastern India
The Margins of the Marginals

First Edition
  • Debasree De - Assistant Professor, Department of History, Maharaja Srischandra College, University of Calcutta

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History | Sociology | Women's Studies

May 2018 | 340 pages | SAGE Stree

A history of the historyless, and the marginalization of adivasi voices.

A History of Adivasi Women in Post-Independence Eastern India 
is a path-breaking book that explores the current status of adivasi women in the four states of eastern India with high percentages of adivasis—Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha and West Bengal. 

Debasree De engages with the recent paradigm of ‘development and displacement’ and adivasi women’s marginalization and cultural silencing. The findings in the book are based on extensive field surveys in teagardens, stone crushing sites, brick kilns and construction industries. Further, the book provides new material on the extremist villages of Jangal Mahal, Koraput, Malkangiri and Niyamgiri Hills. 

Linking tribe and gender, the author elaborates how forest economy is women’s economy; forcible eviction by multinationals for new industries has led to severe displacement and poverty, apart from intensification of witch hunting and trafficking of girls.

Demystifying Adivasi Women: Some Epistemological Issues
Changing Livelihood Pattern of Adivasi Women in West Bengal
Adivasi Rejas in Bihar
Adivasi Women and Land Rights in Jharkhand
Adivasi Women and Destructive Development in Odisha
Increasing Marginalizing Adivasi Women: The Process of Cultural Silencing

Author explore the status of Adivasi woman in Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha and West Bengal, trying to understand how ‘development’ has often meant ‘displacement’ for them…

THE HINDU, 8 April 2018

“Book is worth reading …the story told is important… at times the book is too laborious.”


Debasree De

Debasree De is Assistant Professor, Department of History, Maharaja Srischandra College, University of Calcutta. She has a PhD in history from Jadavpur University. She has many contributions in journals and in edited books. Her special interests are Tribal Studies, Gender Studies, Environmental History, Ancient Indian History and Indology. More About Author

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