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A Birth That Changed a Nation

A Birth That Changed a Nation
A New Model of Care and Inclusion

First Edition
  • Mithu Alur - Founder and Chairperson, ADAPT ( formerly The Spastics Society of India)

December 2016 | 308 pages | SAGE India

A novel model of care—integrating education, treatment and social and emotional development—that addresses the issues of people with disability

This research examines a new holistic approach of care for persons with cerebral palsy and their families, developed by The Spastics Society of India (now ADAPT). The focus is on a new psycho-social model that combines education, treatment and socio-emotional development in social rather than in hospital settings, making inclusive education in regular schools possible. The author also narrates her experience as a mother, care-giver and professional, and the role of family support.

Based on 40 years’ work, the book provides an example of compassionate and effective care as well as its scalability. Using narratives of children, parents, doctors and other professionals, it shares the journey of pioneers who helped and trained others who eventually went on to create similar institutions all over India, empowering both parents and disabled but self-confident professionals.


Foreword by Dr Samiran Nundy
Foreword by Dr Farokh Udwadia
Executive Summary
The First Birth: Malini Chib
The Second Birth: The Spastics Society of India
Contextual Analyses: Cerebral Palsy
Domain I. Education
Domain II. Treatment and Rehabilitation Unit
a. Parents in Partnerships
b. Manpower Training: Therapists
c. Aids and Appliances
Domain III. Child and Parents in Partnership
Domain IV. Training
Domain V. Capacity Building in the Community
Domain VI. Work Training Unit and the Skills Development Centre
People Behind the Scenes
Domain VII. (i) Expansion of Services on the National Level: From Schools to Institution Building
(ii) Expansion of Services on the International Level
a. International Collaborations

b. International Course: Community Initiatives in Inclusion (CII)

(iii) Economics and Sustainability
People Behind the Scenes

Domain VIII. Research and Transformation of Ideology: A Shift from Special Education to Inclusive Education
a. Special Schools versus Inclusive Schools
b. Research: Invisible Children: A Study of Policy Exclusion (1993–99)
c. Developing Sustainable Educational Inclusive Policy and Practice: UK, South Africa, Brazil and India—An International Research Study—UNESCO Project (2000)
d. The National Resource Centre for Inclusion (NRCI), an Indo-Canadian Project (1999–2004)
e. Developing Inclusive Education Practice in Early Childhood in Mumbai: The Whole Community Approach—UNICEF/SSI Project (2001)
f. Developing Rural Services—Mithu Alur Foundation (MAF) 2009
g. Developing a Sustainable District Model: Shiksha Sankalp (2010–13)
h. Developing a Code of Practice for Inclusive Education: Culturally Appropriate Policy and Practice (CAPP)
Domain IX. Policy and Macro-level Change: Legislation and Policy
a. Moving from Charity to Rights: ADAPT Rights Group (ARG)
b. Workshops, Seminars and Conferences
c. Engaging with Government: Striving to Make India a Disability-friendly Country
d. Media Coverage
Domain X. Results and Outcome and the Way Forward
a. The Impact: Overcoming Adversity Some Stories
b. Results and Outcome
c. Reflections, Discussion and the Way Forward
d. Ideology and Philosophy
Annexure I
Annexure II

Mithu Alur

Mithu Alur has been closely involved with education, healthcare and employment, for women and children, leading to social change, legislation and social policy for more than 50 years. Her doctoral research dissertation from the University of London was entitled ‘Invisible Children—A Study of Policy Exclusion’ which analyzed the Indian government’s educational policy for children with disability.Her daughter Malini Chib, who is disabled, has been the reason for her involvement with disabled children. Malini too has two Masters—in gender studies and in information technology—from the University of London. Dr Alur set up the first model... More About Author

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