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21st Century Journalism in India

21st Century Journalism in India

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February 2007 | 324 pages | SAGE India
The Indian media is witnessing an explosive situation with newspaper and magazine circulations increasing in great numbers and television news channels—in both English and regional languages—going up by the day. Internet news portals, too, are recording a good number of hits.

Journalism, then, holds tremendous promise for both seasoned and budding journalists. However, behind every promise, there lurk dangers and temptations, which must be scrupulously avoided if the basic values of the profession are to be safeguarded. Otherwise, the relentless spotlight of criticism will turn on journalism and its practitioners.

21st Century Journalism in India is a path-breaking book that looks at the practices and theories of journalism in the 21st century. This collection of writings by practising journalists is perhaps unique in that they have turned the spotlight on their own profession.

The volume is thematically divided into four sections:

- REPRESENTING THE UNREPRESENTED deals with media representation (or lack of it) of largely ignored sections of society, such as homosexuals, Dalits and other minorities or weaker groups.
- THE PLURALITY OF PRACTICE studies the coverage of vital areas such as economics, legal issues, science, arts and culture, and humour.
- MEDIA IN PERSPECTIVE looks at different kinds of journalistic practices, including photojournalism
- FUTURE TRENDS discusses newer forms of journalism, like blogging and citizen journalism.
Ammu Joseph
The Gender Factor
Siddharth Narrain
The Problem with Media Reportage of Queer Lives
Sandhya Rao
At Least Some Children get 'Mosambi' Some of the Time
D. Ravikumar
The Unwritten Writing: Dalits and the Media
V. Geetha
Dalit Murasu: Surviving a Difficult Decade
Subarno Chattarji
'What is the Spanish Word for Appeasement?'
Anjali Kamat
Prophetic Misreading
V.K. Natraj
Economics through Journalism
Geeta Ramaseshan
Media Freedom and the Right to Privacy
K. Kalpana
Exposing the Media Spiel on Rural Women
Vijaya Swaminath
Writing Science: Breaking the Language Barrier
Aditi De
The Arts Beat! Feel the Heat!
Geeta Doctor
Writing on Art
Baradwaj Rangan
Pun Job, Sind, Gujarat, Maratha: Humour in Indian Journalism
Sashi Kumar
The Information Revolution and the Emerging Media Ecology
Amanda Harper
In your Face! Teaching Broadcast Journalism
A.S. Panneerselvan
My Days at Sun
Mustafa K. Anuar
Prescribed Truth, Licensed Freedom: The Press in post-Mahathir Malaysia
Subhashini Dinesh
When the News Desk makes the News
Desikan Krishnan
Covering Photojournalism
Shonali Muthalaly
The Relevance of the Metro Section
Subramaniam Vincent and Ashwin Mahesh
Journalism: The Practice and the Potential
Ethirajan Anbarasan
Citizen Journalism and the New Media
Sunil Saxena
Online Journalism in India: 2000 to 2005 and Beyond
Frederick Noronha
Caught in the Net
Subhash Rai
Blogging: A New Paradigm in Journalism
Robin Reisig
Tell Me a Story: Writing and Teaching Narrative
Robert Brown
India: A Billion Testimonies Now

This book presents an in-depth analysis of the practices and theories of journalism in this century. This collection of writings by practising journalists is perhaps unique in that they have turned the spotlight on their own profession.

The Times of India

This is an interesting volume of essays, though not all of it relates to the 21st century or the Indian media.

Book Review

Nalini Rajan

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