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10 Winning Strategies for Leaders in the Classroom

10 Winning Strategies for Leaders in the Classroom
A Transformational Approach

First Edition

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November 2010 | 192 pages | SAGE India

In 10 Winning Strategies for Leaders in the Classroom: A Transformational Approach, Bramwell Osula and Renae Ideboen present 10 proven principles for achieving success in values-based leadership for the classroom environment.

Next to the home, the classroom is perhaps the most influential and inspirational environment in the world. This book explores the capacity of the classroom for transforming individuals toward action and renewal. The authors offer a strategic approach to unlocking individual and organizational values, restoring hope to the classroom.

This practical and challenging guide to leadership success is packed with vital information, learning tips, key questions, and a host of positive ideas for on-the-go educators and leaders.

Leaning Forward!
True Grit: The Courage to Get It Right
Rein in the Rebel: Rekindling Hope
Truth or Consequences
Reducing the Hate
Bedrock or Quicksand
What You Say Is What You Get
Wear It on Your Sleeve
The Value of Trust
Emotional Fortitude
Climate Control

The book is fairly easy reading and full of useful tips. The subject matter is presented with great clarity, with clear definition of concepts, and each chapter offers some actionable takeaways for the practising teacher. The storytelling approach adopted in the book, infused with authors’ enthusiastic tone, sets a clear guide lines for handling tuff situations that frequently arises in the classrooms…the author, have done an excellent job in creating useful knowledge that can be leveraged by practising teachers to create a transformational classroom experience.

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Bramwell Osula

Bramwell Osula is Assistant Professor at School of Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Regent University, Virginia, USA. He is also an applied human services practitioner with a wealth of experience that cuts across the arenas of leadership education, training, community development, and consultant management. Dr Osula holds a PhD in Sociology and is an avid student of cultural institutions, human dynamics, and popular culture. His particular approach builds on real-life situations and needs, current knowledge, a variety of theoretical and methodological “standards”, and cross-cultural thinking. His teaching, research, and consulting... More About Author

Renae Ideboen

Renae Ideboen is an educator and leadership consultant. She currently teaches and writes curriculum based on the developing principles of transformational leadership and strategic communication. She is an instructor at Judson University, Elgin, USA, and a conference speaker. More About Author

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