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10 Steps to Creating an Infographic

10 Steps to Creating an Infographic
A Practical Guide for Non-designers

August 2023 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

This book provides step-by-step guidance for developing high-quality infographics. Practical in its approach, 10 Steps to Creating an Infographic: A Practical Guide for Non-designers outlines a user-friendly process for developing infographics with a clearly defined purpose and powerful message. The book’s “how-to” approach makes infographic creation accessible for anyone who doesn’t have a background in graphic design or a budget for a graphic designer. Author Stephanie B. Wilkerson breaks down the complex task into a series of steps and models each step through a book-long example of the evolution of an infographic. Through this, and other examples presented throughout the book, readers will learn about infographic best practices and tips, as well guidance for avoiding design pitfalls. 

Part 1: Crafting a Powerful Message
Chapter 1 - Step 1: Identify Your Audience (“the Who”)
Chapter 2 - Step 2: Clarify the Purpose (“the Why”)
Chapter 3 - Step 3: Create the Story (“the What”)
Part 2: Designing a Visual Story
Chapter 4 - Step 4: Identify Visuals and Data
Chapter 5 - Step 5: Select a Layout
Chapter 6 - Step 6: Choose Design Elements
Chapter 7 - Step 7: Sketch Your Ideas
Part 3: Bringing the Infographic to Life
Chapter 8 - Step 8: Draft the Infographic
Chapter 9 - Step 9: Review the Infographic
Chapter 10 - Step 10: Revise, Finalize, and Share

A must have guide to understanding and applying infographics to research and evaluation findings.

Marisa Beeble
Michigan State University

Stephanie Baird Wilkerson

Stephanie Baird Wilkerson is President of Magnolia Consulting, a woman-owned small business and B-Corporation specializing in research and evaluation since 2002. With the aim of “cultivating learning and positive change” through her work at Magnolia, Stephanie takes a use-focused, results-oriented approach to her studies, trainings, and consultation services. She champions infographics as a powerful vehicle for translating data into evidence-based information people can use. As an evaluator, not a graphic designer, she developed the 10 Steps to Creating an Infographic and the Checklist for Reviewing Infographics as practical tools for... More About Author

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