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Your Undergraduate Dissertation

Your Undergraduate Dissertation
The Essential Guide for Success

Second Edition
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August 2013 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
In the second edition of this best-selling guide, Nicholas Walliman provides expert, step-by-step advice on managing and developing a successful undergraduate project.

This book takes you through each stage of your dissertation, answering questions including:

  • How do I choose an appropriate topic for my dissertation?
  • How do I write a research proposal?
  • What's a literature review, how do I conduct it and how do I write it up?
  • How can I ensure I'm an ethical researcher?
  • What methods of data collection are appropriate for my research question?
  • Once I have collected my data, what do I do?
  • What's the best structure for my dissertation?

Full of examples from real student projects, interdisciplinary case studies and illustrated with cartoons to make you smile along the way, this book will tell you all you need to know to write a brilliant dissertation.

The Student Success series are essential guides for students of all levels. From how to think critically and write great essays to planning your dream career, the Student Success series helps you study smarter and get the best from your time at university. Visit the SAGE Study Skills hub for tips and resources for study success!

What's It All For?
What Types of Studies are Suitable for a Dissertation?
What Will It Be About?
How Do I Get Started?
What's All This about Philosophy?
How Do I Write a Proposal?
What About Working and Planning My Time?
How Can I Find and Review the Literature?
How Can I Manage All the Notes?
What's All This about Ethics?
What Sorts of Data Will I Find?
How Do I Collect Data?
How Do I Analyse Quantitative Data?
How Do I Analyse Qualitative Data?
Why Do I Need Arguments?
How Can I Manage Such a Long Piece of Writing?
What About Referencing?
How Can I Make My Work Look Interesting and Easy to Read?
Who Else Might Be Interested in My Writing?


SAGE Study Skills hub
Visit the SAGE Study Skills hub for tips, resources and videos on study success!

An excellent resource for any research project

Mrs Mary Clark
Faculty of Health and Social Care, University of Plymouth
January 20, 2016

Very useful for students undertaking their disseratation. A good section on the literature review and process of putting a disseertation together.

Miss Sue Lillyman
Institute of Health, Social Care and Psychology, Worcester University
October 29, 2015

Solid text, well suited to help our undergraduation students in construction.

Mr Pieter De Wilde
School of Architecture & Design, University of Plymouth
September 4, 2015

An excellent companion for final year undergraduates.

Mr Iqbal Ullah
Business, Management & Professional HE, Loughborough College
July 6, 2015

Recommended read which outlines both the practice and context of undergraduate dissertation projects.

Miss Gillian Dickinson
School of Business, Law and Criminology, Blackburn College
June 23, 2015

an ideal guide for students completing their dissertation.

Mrs Diane Julie Forrester
Community Studies, Truro College
June 2, 2015

I highly recommend this book to other researchers. It gives you an opportunity to show how well informed you are, how well organised you can be and how you can make a clear presentation of your work for effective communication.

Mrs Mpho Mbeo
Business Administration , Central University of Technology
April 8, 2015

A useful guide for students undertaking their final year dissertation. Provides guidance on all aspects of the dissertation including data collection and how to write up the work.

Dr Rhiannon Packer
School of Psychology, Counselling and Early Years, University of South Wales
March 17, 2015

This was a great help to students coming to grips with their dissertation. It is an accessible text, and has a refreshingly practical approach.

Mr Neil Van Dokkum
Dept of Applied Arts, Waterford Institute of Technology
March 10, 2015

A simple, straightforward and clear text that I shall be recommending to final year dissertation students. It will lessen the struggle!

Professor Jonathan Parker
Society and Social Welfare, Bournemouth University
January 30, 2015

Nicholas Walliman

Nicholas Walliman is a qualified architect and Senior Lecturer in the School of the Built Environment at Oxford Brookes University and a researcher associate in the Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development. After many years of practice in architecture in the UK and abroad, he returned to academic life to do his PhD. This experience raised his interest in research theory and methods, and he was subsequently asked by the university to write a distance learning course to guide postgraduate students embarking on research degrees. This course provided the raw material and incentive for writing this book. He has subsequently published... More About Author

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