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Sexualities and Society

Sexualities and Society
An Introduction

November 2020 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Sexualities and Society adopts a fresh, sociological perspective to explore the development of sexualities across both public and private spheres, giving thoughtful consideration to heterosexualities, cis, bi and trans identities.

Divided into three parts, the book starts with an exploration into the history of sexuality, before covering the key theories, and how research into sexualities has been, and could be, conducted. Parts two and three examine how sexualities are framed by cultural factors and social institutions – including the media, religion, and politics – and considers the impact of how significant issues such as identity, age, health and violence relate to sexuality.

Employing a range of international case studies, up to date policy developments, and engaging learning features such as ‘discussion points’ and 'fact file' sections, this book is essential reading for students studying sexuality across sociology, social policy, social care, media, and politics.

Section I: Theories and methods
Chapter 1 Histories of Sexuality
Chapter 2 Theories of Sexuality
Chapter 3 Researching Sexualities
Section II: Sexuality and culture
Chapter 4 The Media and Sexuality
Chapter 5 Religion and Sexuality
Chapter 6 Intimacies
Chapter 7 Politics and Policy
Chapter 8 Global Sexualities
Section III: Issues
Chapter 9 Identities
Chapter 10 Young People and Sexuality
Chapter 11 Sexuality and Older People
Chapter 12 Health
Chapter 13 Violence and Sexuality

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Megan Todd

Megan Todd is Senior Lecturer and Course Leader in Sociology at the University of Central Lancashire. Her research focuses on sexualities, gender and violence; she has published on issues relating to intimate partner violence, ageing, health, feminisms and homophobic and misogynist abuse online. Megan has been involved in a range of research projects, including LGBT+ domestic abuse service users in Lancashire. More recently, she is developing work on universities’ management of their LGBT+ heritage. She has been teaching sociology in Higher Education for nearly two decades, prior to which she taught English literature at secondary school. More About Author

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