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Psychology and Sociology in Nursing

Psychology and Sociology in Nursing

Third Edition

April 2019 | 248 pages | Learning Matters

This book explores sociology and psychology relevant to nursing and explains why it is so important to understand these disciplines in order to be a good nurse. It is written specifically for nursing students, and clearly explains the key concepts using nursing case studies and examples. Chapters move from individual and personal issues onto society as a whole and explore the psychological and sociological basis that underpins all aspects of nursing practice.

Key features:

  • All content linked to the sociological and psychological requirements in the NMC standards of proficiency for registered nurses
  • Activities to help build critical thinking, independent learning and decision-making skills
  • Case studies and scenarios that link sociological and psychological theory to nursing practice

A key text for nursing students in all fields of practice

Chapter 1: The relevance of psychology and sociology for nursing
Chapter 2: Professional values
Chapter 3: Communication
Chapter 4: Inequalities, health outcomes and nursing practice
Chapter 5: Decision-making
Chapter 6: Leadership
Chapter 7: Death and stress
Chapter 8: Parents and children
Chapter 9: Mental health and learning disabilities
Chapter 10: Conclusion: theory, issues and future directions

Good overview applying psychology and sociology in clear nursing terms.

Mrs jen menzies
Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Northumbria University
December 5, 2019

Highly recommend that this book is a suggested book for students reading list. A number of my learners were struggling to put the theories into context - this book has really supported their learning.

Mrs Sharon Luci Jago
Health, Petroc College
May 9, 2019

Fantastic book that links psychological theory and sociological theory with practice. Many of my students have been impressed with its easiness to read and understand with the clear examples, recommend for any nursing students.

Mr Dean McShane
Health & Social Care (Warrington), Chester University
April 26, 2019

Brings basic concepts in psychology and sociology to life for nursing students . I particularly liked the critical approach to mental health and the inclusion of new perspectives such as the The Power, Threat, Meaning Framework

Ms Moira O Donovan
Catherine McAuley School of Nursing & Midwifery, University College Cork (NUI)
April 26, 2019

Very useful book for the BSc nursing students.

Miss Carmel Anne Quigley
School of Nursing (Jordanstown), Ulster University
April 16, 2019

An interesting and easy to read book which covers psychology and sociological topics arranged in the context of nursing practice. This book strikes the difficult balance of being accessible for a brand new student nurse whilst still being interesting for veteran nurses.

Mr Michael Smith
School of Nursing and Caring Sciences, University of Central Lancashire
March 27, 2019

A fantastic text which applies theoretical concepts to clear and appropriate examples of practice - helping the reader to see the relevance of the social sciences to the nursing profession. A must read for nursing students.

Mrs Suzi Smale
Psychology, Petroc College
March 19, 2019

This book provides an excellent overview of how psychology and sociology helps to shape and inform best practice

Mrs Michele Ponting
Access to Higher Education, Portslade Aldridge Community Academy
January 21, 2019

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Benny Goodman

Benny Goodman is now an independent scholar having retired from his position as lecturer in Adult Nursing in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Plymouth University. He qualified as a Registered General Nurse in the 1980's following graduation with a BSc Sociology and Politics. He writes on topics such as sustainability, climate change and health but always within a socio-political framework. He is author and co-author of two other Learning Matters books: Collaborative Practice and Sociology and Psychology in Nursing. Current interests include the socio-political role of the nurse. More About Author